You work for a large tech or finance organization; perhaps you were an early employee at a promising startup that became too big for you or didn’t really take off. You love to keep up with technology and maybe have bought some bitcoin not to miss out; or perhaps allocated some capital to it and had to defend your investment with people who missed the boat and convinced themselves that crypto is too risky, not backed by fundamentals, or it’s too late. …

How privacy & scalability can help lead DeFi to mainstream adoption; and bringing AMMS to Oasis with a new partnership with Balancer.

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The promise of DeFi is to create an open financial system that makes money accessible with little more than just a smartphone, an internet connection, and the adherence to transparent rules. Yet due to limitations of DeFi today — specifically in terms of scalability and privacy, while self-motivated traders and miners have leveraged Ethereum’s unprotected data and slow throughput to gain benefit in DeFi today, this model is unsustainable.

We believe DeFi is facing its first defining moment: while there has been tremendous growth in DeFi over the past year, the DeFi ecosystem must overcome…

How incentives for users can break the data paradox and why the Oasis Network is critical to enabling it.

The ability to collect, store, program, and use data has brought connectivity, ubiquity, and intelligence to every modern application. The ability to represent and exchange money in a digital form is now adding the exchange of value to the stack. The ability to program money and data to obey a set of predefined rules feels like the next natural step.

We believe in a responsible data economy and that the Oasis Network will be the best suited to enable it. Confidentiality is one aspect of this economy. Properly aligned incentives among final users are equally fundamental.

This post seeks to…

Per un Italiano che vive a 10,000Km di distanza, non è piacevole assistere al conflitto interno tra stampa, cittadini, governo e imprenditori, causato dalla (giusta) scelta di utilizzare “Immuni” come app di Contact Tracing. Oltre 4 milioni di risultati per una semplice ricerca “Immuni Privacy” su Google suonano come un’immensa onda di energia diretta nella direzione sbagliata, come dimostra il comportamento mostrato in un numero infinito di occasioni precedenti (app di incontri, condivisioni di foto, consenso all’accesso ai dati per giochi su Facebook, ecc.).

Contact Tracing Trilemma — Luca Cosentino

Tralasciando il piccolo sfogo iniziale, ho deciso di scrivere questo post per descrivere la nuova tecnologia…

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

It seems clear that Plaid’s revenue potential is only a (minimal) part of the reasons behind the acquisition: the 2x price/valuation is probably more justified by the desire to either protect the core business or keep competitors away from the new business.

Plaid in numbers:

💵 investments to date: $353.3M

💰 revenues: $150–250M

🤓 valuation prior to acquisition: $2.65B

🥳 acquired for: $5.3B (2x the previous valuation)

🤝 provides connection for 80% of the largest US FinTech apps

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 200M accounts linked (115% CAGR since 2015)

👩‍💻 2,600 developers

#1: Plaid is facing risks (that Visa can solve)

A crucial component of Plaid’s business is the ability to get…

Last week we sponsored the DeFi Summit in London; 300 DeFi enthusiasts, developers, fund managers, investors, and founders got together at Imperial College to discuss the status and the development of Decentralized Finance. Cambrial and Semantic did a fantastic job in coordinating ~60 sessions across 4 rooms, with speakers and participants from all over the World.

This article is a highlight of my top takeaways from the conference as well as a recap of what we announced.

We announced our Open Finance Developer Kit

Oasis Labs and the Oasis Network can help expand adoption of DeFi and Open Finance. We believe that the next generation of Open…

How Oasis Labs and the Oasis network can help expand adoption of DeFi and Open Finance

Open Finance applications are primed to reinvent the financial system — pushing it towards a design that relies less on status, wealth, and geography and more on a set of programmable conditions that have the benefit of removing the subjectivity and bias that cause high costs, risks, and inefficiencies.

Note: given that Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a generic term that signals a series of products that are meant to be accessible to everyone, the term Open Finance seems to better serve the mission.

In the last year alone, we witnessed how the first generation of Open Finance has provided the…

A constantly-updated list of life lessons I wrote myself or found somewhere else (in no particular order)…because…best teachers are not always found in a classroom

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In constant update:

Life lessons I like or wish I knew before

A constantly-updated list of life lessons I wrote myself or found somewhere else (in no particular order)…because…best teachers are not always found in a classroom

By Luca Cosentino and Adam Brudnick

The unlocked potential of UC Berkeley is astonishing.

It doesn’t take long to be captivated by the basement of the Moffit Library, the place where students transform long CS group assignments into fun projects. When students get together the potential is massive: if you don’t believe me, I encourage you to attend the Mobile Developers’ App Fair or Cal Hacks to see how much talent UC Berkeley produces every year (hint: >10x as much as what you think).

But even with all this talent, things aren’t perfect. The challenge is that too often, lines…

I started an offline advertising company when I was 24. That’s how I learned the rule of the 3 Ws: Wrong plan, Wrong execution, Wrong timing. if you get 1 out of 3 wrong your survive a few months, if you get 3 wrong you learn (the hard way).

Aside of being an entrepreneur myself, I am advising early stage companies to prevent them from making the mistakes I made (33.3333% exit rate so far).

I am good at customer analytics and go to market/growth planning; I have been doing it at Google, AmEx and Procter&Gamble. I live in California, pursuing my MBA at Berkeley Haas and courses in machine learning, data and computer science. Will I ever make Business marry Data?

I love people who are able to give me a different perspective and make me change my mind as many times as possible.

Luca Cosentino

Product Lead into #fintech, #crypto, #btc, helping founders. — @oasislabs , ex google, americanexpress, proctergamble

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