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Luca Cosentino

I started an offline advertising company when I was 24. That’s how I learned the rule of the 3 Ws: Wrong plan, Wrong execution, Wrong timing. if you get 1 out of 3 wrong your survive a few months, if you get 3 wrong you learn (the hard way).

Aside of being an entrepreneur myself, I am advising early stage companies to prevent them from making the mistakes I made (33.3333% exit rate so far).

I am good at customer analytics and go to market/growth planning; I have been doing it at Google, AmEx and Procter&Gamble. I live in California, pursuing my MBA at Berkeley Haas and courses in machine learning, data and computer science. Will I ever make Business marry Data?

I love people who are able to give me a different perspective and make me change my mind as many times as possible.

Luca Cosentino

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Solving privacy for consumers and enterprises @OasisLabs | Engineer & MBA | ex Googler | @berkeleystep founder

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