This years winners of the NBA Draft Lottery

After such an overwhelming Draft Night on Tuesday, I think it’s worth having a look at the top storylines and major factors that influenced the teams, the players and the upcoming NBA season.

The Boston Celtics, who are about to enter the Eastern Conference Finals, claimed the 1st pick. The 2013 trade with the Brooklyn Nets keeps on paying off. The Lakers who claimed the number 2 pick luckily avoided to convey their pick to the Sixers, “which would have been the case, if they had fallen outside the top 3’’. And the Sixers remain 3rd, due to a pick swap with the Kings on a 2015 trade.

This year’s wild NBA Draft lottery was influenced a lot by last year’s trades and other decisions made by many Teams. Turning out the top 3 picks remain to probably the 3 biggest franchises.

1. Lakers

The Winners of this year’s NBA Draft Lottery are in my opinion the LA Lakers. Ending up with the second overall pick, new GM Rob Pelinka and Magic Johnson avoided crucial damages for the franchises future. Bearing in mind that there was a 53% that they receive the 4th pick or below, and then they would have been stuck without a pick this season and additionally trading their 2019 1st round pick to the Orlando Magic. So comparing the worst case scenarios within the league, you can definitely say that this Lakers team was the most fortunate with this year’s outcome.

Magic Johnson and Joel Embiid after hearing the results

2. Danny Ainge and the Celtics

The actual Draft Winner of the Lottery from Tuesday Night is Danny Ainge. The GM of the Boston Celtics put a lot at risk by not making any moves before the trading deadline in February, but it turned out to be a very smart move, that paid off. Receiving the 1st draft pick and having an enormous cap space for next year, puts them in a powerful position and leaves them with major opportunities to build on in the near future. Taking all these factors into consideration, the Boston Celtics are my second choice as Winners from Tuesday Night.

3. Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers are turning out to build a super team, with a possibility of having a major impact in the upcoming years.

Receiving the 3rd pick is great but it was not even the best outline that could have happened to the Sixers. Taking into account that, in addition to their own 1st round pick, they had the rights of the Laker’s 1st round pick, had it fallen outside of the top 3.

Being able to select a top prospect as a wing player, having Ben Simmons finally debuting his rookie season and ‘The Process’ (Joel Embiid) being reliable as a Franchise Center, they can definitely be grateful with the outcome of this year’s NBA Draft Lottery. The ability of having several options and gaining back 2 future franchise player from injury, puts the 76ers in a very good position. These factors lead to my conclusion on putting the 76ers on the 3rd spot of the Winners of this year’s Draft Lottery.

4. The Ball Family

Lavar Ball whose desire it was to see his son wearing purple and yellow turns out to be fulfilled. The Dad of the gifted point guard from UCLA and founder of the BigBallerBrand was all over the news in the last couple of weeks.

Markelle Fultz is most likely to be selected by the Celtics, so the Lakers can take Lonzo Ball with their second pick without any issues whatsoever.

Father and Son (Ball Family)

On this occasion we can consider Lonzo and his dad as winners, since their dream will most likely come true and the Lavar Ball legacy can maybe find its way through all the empty assumptions so far.

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