Cry wolf on sulfites if you want, just as people do with other food preferences misreported as…
Merlyn Morgan-Graham

Well maybe it’s not clear what I mean. I am not English mother tongue and maybe I didn’t exposed properly the terms of the matter. I don’t like plastic. There are wines that are made not in the wine yard but in the cellar. Those wine are fake, made with bad grape and a lot of tricks. Concentrated Wines when they are poor in extracts. Wines macerated with barriques’s shaving that mimic the real ones at the fraction of the cost. Wines that should be called kind of soda but not wine at all. Wines too alcoholic that has been drained to reduce alcoholic content with inverse osmosis filter. Wines were any aroma is added or cleaned passing trough polymer sphere filters. These for me it’s bad wines. And it’s nothing to do with misinformation or new-age o pretentious food allergies. I am not one of the many that pretend to study before to drink. I choose wines by chance and curiosity lead by instinct with the really minimum knowledge needed. I choose the wine that I like not by rating of WE or Parker’s advise. I try and able to judge also because I drunk my first glass of wine when I was 9 I am Italian and worked in collateral wines field since more than 30 years. Wandering and photographing all the most important well and not so well known wine producers in Italy. But I can separate a good wines from a bad ones. High Sulfite wines give me ( and not only to me) powerful headache after no more than two glasses and over treated wines leave a horrible chemical aftertaste. I usually don’t like to dink plastic but if you like you are totally free. It’s artificial like any art craft man make. But some artificial craft are honest, intriguing, piece of art. Other are scum intended to cheat you selling themselves as a fake something. If you like it go ahead: I ll leave it all to you! Prosit, or, like we say in Italy : “ salute”

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