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luca mezzalira
Jun 3 · 2 min read
Workshop at FullStack Conference in London

Considering all the comments, emails and comments on socials I’m receiving about micro-frontends material I prepared in the past months, I thought might be helpful gathering all the activities I’m doing in this post, keeping a sort of “diary” of what’s coming next, what I’ve done so far and maybe sharing some ideas for the next activities.
So this page will be updated regularly, therefore, bookmark 📌 this page if you don’t wanna miss any update!

In this way, if there are topics you are interested in you can easily add a comment and I can consider to focus my next post or talk on that direction.

I hope you will find this resource useful 😁!
Please feel free to suggest any topic or ask any questions, I don’t bite (usually 🐶).

Future Talks





Online Classes

· Building Micro-frontends — 3h class — 22.07.2019 — DONE 🎉
· Building Micro-frontends — 3h class — 30.09.2019 — DONE 🎉
· Building Micro-frontends — 3h class — 02.01.2020
· Building Micro-frontends — 3h class — March 2020


· Building Micro-frontends
· Scaling frontend applications with micro-frontends

More to come…. stay tuned 📻

luca mezzalira

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VP of Architecture at DAZN, Google Developer Expert and London JavaScript Community Manager, Author of Front-End Reactive Architectures: https://goo.gl/ywAmsx

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