P. Rodriguez. The graffiti artist.

He shakes, aims and push, he shakes, aims and push. Again, and again, he looks to the sides, nobody observes him, except his friends, who also have their hands full of paint. He is 23 years old and started to paint graffiti with 16. “Like everyone, I started because I knew someone from this world, but this ends up feeling addictive.”

he prefers not showing his face

He is careful not to bring the paint can too close to the wall, it could drip. He is careful with everything, his clothes, the floor, the wall … but also with the security of the buildings where the trains sleep, with the police, with the people who is around … he is careful with the words he has said the 4 times he has had to present a trial. “Two of them I defended myself … when the thing goes further, a lawyer helped me. The worst thing that happened to me was a fine of 40 euros, I’m very lucky.”

He began doing “palancazos” a kind of kidnapping where the subway stopped busy for a few minutes, painted the outside, and ran. Today he does not do them, he imagines what would happen if his grandmother were on one of those trains, how scared she could be.

“When people ask me why I do it, I always say that until you are in the world of graffiti you can’t understand it. I have met many good and bad people, also those who are now my best friends, I have grown as a person, I have traveled to many countries thanks to it. Graffiti is part of my life and too, of many people around the world.”

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