A weekend in Pirenopolis

I had a ton o fun this weekend. I travelled for the first time with my girlfriend, and my sister with my brother in law going from Brasilia.

I never thought that so close to Goiania I could visit a well preserved city with Portuguese architecture and a lot of natural beauty to see. Pirenopolis was founded in 1733 and its main economic activity back then was the stone mine in the side of the Pireneus. This mine is still active but the main activity nowadays is turism. I have visited Pirenopolis twice but was too little to remember.

We visited the city because of the Canto da Primavera cultural festival that happens there every year. We ended up not enjoying most of the cultural attractions offered by the festival because we were more interested in going to visit one of the various waterfalls present in the Parque Estadual dos Pirineus.

I found that the water is extremely cold. Too cold for me to enjoy it. We went to one of the places were it has a lot of waterfalls named Cachoeira do Abade. Going there isn’t the easiest job. The road is not in good conditions and we had to climb a hill to get to the destination. And we had to pay 30 reais.

I am definitely coming to visit another time. Is a 2 hour drive from Goiania, if you go really slowly and enjoying the view.