The different visions of the future in Apple

Third time I'm writing about the same topic regarding ports on iPhones and now on MacBooks. Apple is lost. A month ago they launched a the iPhone 7, and to represent the jump into the future they took away the headphone jack — that never harmed anyone. One month into this future, we have a computer rocking the headphone jack but with no USB ports on it. Now it seems that Apple didn't think it through enough. The conclusion is that we have two visions of future complete different from each other inside Apple.

What it means for a consumer that wants to buy the latest stuff from Apple in this year's holidays? That they have to choose between the different visions of future regarding ports in Apple products. iPhone 7 users won't be able to connect their phones in their new computers. As a matter of fact, no phone can be connected to the new MacBook. No phone manufacturer sends a USB-C cable in the box, not even Apple.