Culture and Politics

I must admit that Politics has never been of huge interest to me. I have always followed the major stories in the U.S and world wide, in order to be able to talk about it if necessary, but it has never been something that particularly interests me.

I do, however, have a passion for culture. I enjoy learning about all the different cultures in the world, and I love to experience first-hand these cultures.

As my International Relations class progresses, I am becoming more aware of something that I recently wasn’t aware of. There are politics in everything. I am learning that it is increasingly hard to escape politics in our globalized world. Whether business, sports, literature or anything else, politics is involved. As an International Management major, I guess I am going to have to get more involved in Politics voluntarily, not just because some of my classes require it; I think I have found just the way to do it.

As I have previously stated I have I have always had a passion for learning about cultures and all that this word entails. Another aspect about politics that I have been learning about is how much culture influences politics, especially in the realm of International Relations. I have discovered, because I have fallen into the trap myself, that, although many think so, there are no universal rules on how things work when it comes to politics and relations between countries. Many would think that a translator is the only thing necessary to conduct negotiations or talks between two parties originating from different cultures — on the contrary, language is just one small aspect of what goes in to communicating with other countries, or people from other countries. I welcome this as an opportunity to use something that I love in order to learn about something that I need.

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