Elevators — The Next Frontier of Mobility
Michael A. Eisenberg: Six Kids And A Full Time Job

Agreed on WeWork’s traffic problems. Most of the buildings in nyc were never meant to handle the traffic demands that are required after they lease the space.

I own an elevator contracting company. In new construction projects, traffic studies are always done to handle the flow. When you renovate, typically the price to add elevators won’t provide an ROI.

You can’t just speed the elevators up. Code mandates you have higher run by clearance for higher speeds and that comes at a price. It doesn’t work for low rise. It is like driving 100 mph and trying to park your car.

Destination dispatch is the newest tech. We group passengers in the lobby and put them in elevators with the same destination. Instead getting in the first car that shows up, you go to the elevator that is going to your floor. It increases efficiency.

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