“Pedophilia rings exist/Jimmy Savile, etc.” Tell them that yes, Pedophilia does exist, but that doesn’t mean #Pizzagate does.
Post-Truth and How To Shut Down #Pizzagate
Karen Geier

A couple of comments

It’s a very interesting article and one worth reading. People really need to stop simply believing everything they are fed through their Facebook timeline and actually go out and do some research on those “news”. Failing to rationally dispute any news report, from whatever topic, only leads people to ‘go with the flow’ and they end up getting caught on the frenzy.

With that said I also think it’s valid to point out that there isn’t anything like a “convicted pedophile” or a “Pedophilia ring”.

Yes, pedophilia does exist as there are individuals who are pedophilic. Pedophilia is a clinical term intended to describe a sexual attractions towards prepubescent children, not an action of child sexual abuse. According to the DSM-V, released by the American Psychiatric Association, people can develop Pedophilic Disorder (page 690 of the document, page 730 of the PDF). One of the criteria for that is the person being sexually attracted to children but the others is distress from said attractions or acting on said attractions (e.g.: child pornography or child sexual abuse).

I believe that, in your article, you meant to address Jeffrey Epstein as a convicted sex offender. Just as with “Pedophilia rings”, I believe you meant to say “Child sex abuse rings”.

It’s worth keeping in mind that according to research around 35% of child sex abusers are in fact pedophiles. The remaining 65% in this case are situational offenders. Either people who are presented with an ‘opportunity’ and end up seizing it or people who often suffer from mental illnesses or disorders (page 23, 2nd paragraph).

To sum it all up, I think it’s valid to point out these summarized fact sheets:

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