You put on a mask and learn to pretend that you’re OK when you’re anything but. You daydream about running away but can’t quite figure out where you’d go. You build a wall around your very soul and you don’t let anyone penetrate it, because you are certain that they will be so disgusted by what they see inside that you just can’t bear the thought. So you never talk about anything substantial with your friends, your siblings or your parents. You become a stranger to everyone in your life. You wear the mask. You become the mask. You become comfortably numb.
Comfortably Numb
Ender Wiggin

Quite a nice summary of my life from when I was 15 yo up until I was 28 yo. Not the best way to live by far, having to put on a ‘pretend’ you one-man show to everyone who knows you while you live inside a wall where is so f*cking lonely.

It is such a moving piece Ender and certainly something so unlike you, in the sense you are always so logical and practical, that is endearing in some ways.

Congrats on being able to talk about yourself and your emotions on this one, it is an amazing read for sure. And as always you find the best pictures to illustrate an article ;)

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