“You are who you say you are even if no one else understands who that is. So be the truest, fiercest, and most unapologetic person you can be. Also, let’s hang out ’cause you’re rad.”
A Boy, Mistaken
Ethan Johnstone

Yeah, spot on :D

It was such a great story and despite feeling sad for ten-year-old you I also had to laugh a bit at imagining the ‘extreme make up — home edition’ process happening!

Well, I am just glad that you have finally found the real you and have managed to live like that for so long. I love this kind of stories because they are inspirational to many kids and teens out there trying to figure out why they birth gender doesn’t click inside their heads. And also for parents of those kids and teens that want to help them as much as they can but don’t really have the tools and knowledge to do so.

Again, congrats!

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