Voice Tech Enters a New Phase: Summary of Alexa Conference 2019

Bret Kinsella of voicebot.ai shared the latest trends and forecasts for voice technology.

Differentiation Through Personality

Neha Javalagi and Brielle Nickoloff roleplayed an interaction to show the importance of creating positive first impressions.

Differentiation Through Depth

Noelle LaCharite shared the analytic and conversational capabilities of Azure.

Technology and Tooling

The judges and participants of the startup battle participants gather on the stage. Left to right: Judy Mod (Innovations Domain), Patrick Givens (VaynerMedia), Rodrigo Prudencio (Alexa Fund), presenters from #250, SonicCloud, Virtual Concierge Service, Voice First Tech, ConverSight.AI, event organizer Bradley Metrock.

Storytelling and The Voice Community

Kesha Williams describes how she reflects on her own past successes to overcome self-doubt.
Brian Roemmele explains the connection between language and thought.
Nolan Bushnell and Zai Ortiz describe St. Noire.

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Lucas Wonderley

Lucas Wonderley

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