$300 or less

I’m a solo-preneur and these are some of the 300 dollars or less investments that I’ve made in my business that I think you should consider too:

QuickBooks $250-ish: If someone had told me how important QuickBooks was for a small business, I would have gotten it before I even launched the business. I bought QB in 2015 and it has been a life saver, specially when I started outsourcing the accounting to a professional small business accountant.

Dymo Labelwriter 4XL Printer $299: For the first 2 years I was printing 2 labels per sheet of paper, cutting them out and taping them to the packages. I didn’t think that was a bad idea, it was working. Last year I decided to buy a thermal label printer, which doesn’t use ink and it uses a special paper. BEST investment of last year! It has been saving me SO MUCH TIME!

Varichair $195: I was unsure about this one until I tried it. Since I spend a lot of time standing, the Varichair is like a hybrid between standing up and sitting down. Plus it looks really good!

Varidesk Soho $175: This is just another variation of a stand up desk. I use a laptop in my shop and the Varidesk Soho was ideal for the job. It’s not cheap but it’s a great long-term-health-investment.

LED Light Panels $33/each: I use the VILTROX L116T RA CRI95 and I like them because you can control brightness and color temperature. The reason I decided to add these LED light panels to the list is because it’s easier to see the end result while you are setting up the scene for the photo or video. Kegs & Code’s plan is to get more into video in 2017 and professional looking lighting set up is important to us.

Fatigue Mat $50-ish: I stand up a lot and I thought a fatigue mat was overrated. At the end of the day my legs were destroyed and I thought that was the nature of standing up a lot… not! Fatigue mats really help to keep your legs healthy overtime.

HeadSpace $10/month: This may or may not resonate with you BUT meditation plays a huge role in my entrepreneurial journey. At first I meditated on and off, but about 3 months ago I got serious about it. After about 20 days of daily meditation I noticed significant improvement on my procrastination. After 45 days of daily practice, I can say I’m a different person. You will have to try it for yourself.

ShipStation $45/month: Kegs & Code has a few different sales channels and I love to just go to Shipstation and click “update orders”. All the orders show up in one place and with pre-configured product shipping settings. All I have to do is print the labels :)

MailChimp $Free-$199/month: I started with the free version which allows me to have up to 2000 subscribers. After I improved my sign up conversions MailChimp updated my plan automatically and as my list grows, my subscription plan changes too. E-mail still one of the best ways to reach your target audience.

FeedBack Genius $Free-$250/month: This service was recommended by a colleague of mine who is also an Amazon consultant. This is a must if you sell products on Amazon. This service sends up to 100 emails (free version) to customers who buy your products on Amazon, and you can set up the e-mails to: ask for product review, ask for seller review, etc.

Quick disclaimer: I’m not associated in any way with the products and services I just mentioned above. I just hope you get good value out of this post :)