Existence as you know it is over. Resistance is futile.

A haunting message transmitted by the Borg in the year 2373 shortly before their ship, The Cube, is flamboyantly destroyed by Species 8472. A recurrent plot device equipped with a sundry of body-augmenting devices, the formidable Borg species in Star Trek is Gene Rodenberry’s substantiation of the now century-old plight to engineer the cybernetic humanoid, to engender the next stage of evolution: homo sapien qua biotechnology. …

In October of 2018, a portrait, titled “Edmond de Belamy,” signed minGmaxDEx[log(D(x))]+Ez[log(1-D(G(z)))], was sold at a New York auction for $432,500. The title, “bel ami” (a French translation of the phrase “good friend”), is a nod to Ian Goodfellow, the inventor of the now-prevalent generative adversarial networks (GANs) method in deep learning. The signature constitutes an excerpt from the GAN code, authored by Robbie Barrat, that was used by the art collective Obvious to generate the lucrative print. In preparation for the creation of the ultra-modern work, the Paris-based trio fed fifteen thousand man-made portraits, scraped from WikiArt’s storage of…

On a frigid January day in Farmington Hills, Michigan, a Detroit Police Department (DPD) cruiser arrives outside of a suburban home. The officers proceed to arrest the confused and innocuous homeowner, 42-year-old Robert Williams, with his wife and children as audience. After a day of interrogation, Williams is detained in a prison for 30 hours before posting his $1,000 bail. Days later, the case is dropped due to a paucity of evidence.

The police officers who arrested Williams had been investigating a robbery which had occurred at a local Shinola retailer, resulting in the business’ loss of five watches. The…

Lucas A. Schuman

Fourth-year math and philosophy student at Brown

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