920% Increase in Newsletter Click Rate

Mail Marketing: Increasing newsletter engagement by delivering relevant content

After reading an article from the Nielsen Norman Group about UX findings in Newsletters and how tailoring content for specific interests result in better responses we decided to make a test.

“Recipients want organizations to use known information about them to deliver valuable and relevant content in their newsletters and marketing messages.” NNGroup

Our company sends a monthly newsletter to all its subscribers, over 10k people. Currently, the newsletter is a collection of articles, of different subjects, posted on the website. On average, our newsletters gets 12.67% open rate and 1.45% click through rate (Table 1).

Table 1 — Last Newsletters Results

In search of better results in content delivery and conversions, we decided to submit some articles again. However, this time, we only sent each article in the email and to specific lists of emails from the same database, segmented by industry of interest.

The aim of this investigation was to determine whether sending out a post to a specific industry received greater unique opening rates, and generated more unique clicks than sending the same post in the Newsletter to the entire email database.

This was conducted over four separate single posts, with 99% certainty in results not being due to random chance.

The Test

This test was conducted by re-sending some articles that were included in previous newsletters. We used the same image and text used on the newsletter, but this time containing only one article and sent to a segmented list based on area of interest.

It is important to note that those people on the segmented list received the article twice, once in a bundle inside the newsletter and then just the article itself a month later.

Table 2 — Mail Marketing Results

Note that the segmented articles were sent to a way smaller database and got almost the same or more clicks than sending to the entire database!


Looking at table 2, there was an increase of the open rate in all articles sent segmented, but the result was not significant. However, comparing the results by tailoring content in single articles, the average increase in clicks was 920%!

Table 3 — Final Result calculated

Even with such impressive results, it does not mean that we will stop with the newsletter. Our newsletter still has a wider reach and more clicks overall, and is currently a great way to get more information about the interests of our subscribers. In response this results, we also decided to send the targeted articles after the newsletter and continue to improve our mail marketing with UX knowledge.


Thanks to Jon Tweed