So… why become a software engineer?

I was asked: why do I want to become a software engineer? Why do I want to attend the Holberton School?

Software is ingrained in our way of life. In the morning I open my calendar, look at stock market tickers and check the weather, all from my smartphone’s lock screen. As many members of our society, I interact with and rely on great software to accomplish many functions and solve unique problems throughout the day; on the go, at home and in the office. Great software allows passengers to call a ride share driver and it navigates the driver to where the passenger needs to be dropped off. Great software reminds people of when it’s their friend’s birthday and can help them pick out a good gift. Great software serves to protect sensitive information in email and bank accounts with two factor authentication codes. Great software allows families and friends to video chat with each other, regardless of the distance between them. Great software speeds up the signup process for web services using social media logins. Great software enables us to live better every day and much more.

I want to become a software engineer to create great software that serves communities and projects that matter to me. The job market is in demand of software engineers. The training and experience offered to students at the Holberton School will give structure to my pursuit of becoming a software engineer. My pursuit is fueled by personal desire, drive and dedication to work in the tech industry. I have coded before and worked as a quantitative analyst in banking. From previous experience I have a taste of the tasks I will face as a software engineer and I want this challenge. As a software engineer I am sure to find challenging and meaningful work in today’s economy and satisfy my personal need to be creative and solve puzzles.

The Holberton School offers what I am looking for in their curriculum, the length of the program seems adequate and the structure makes sense. I like that it is onsite and includes internship experience! I also recognize the importance of having mentors with industry experience and I believe and trust in the results of a project based learning approach. I am happy that the Holberton School has these features in their Software Engineering program. Last but not least, the no upfront tuition model instills confidence in me that I will learn what it takes to secure an internship and employment in the tech industry.