Finding your value

Value. Specialization. Skill. Trade. (VSST)

Purpose. Meaning. Passion. Calling. (PMSC)

These are two things that one needs to be successful & happy. The first, for success. The second, for happiness. The two do not always align. You must understand your place in both, and for an optimized life — both for success and happiness — they must overlap.

When you build your life on VSST, you end up finding a job quite easily. You know your skills, and what they’re worth. This allows you to find comfort, security, money.

When you build your life on PMSC, you can inspire, create, and share what you do. You can have an impact on others. You become happy.

The one does not easily reconcile with the other. The people who are happiest and most successful find a way to make these things meet — or at least convince themselves to their core that they have.