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TLDR: We are premiering Amber Agriculture in Spring of 2021, Today. Visit the new

I’m a sundown person.

Always have been.

If you look around agriculture you’ll find sunrises are a constant theme within literature. They are a favorite in firm’s logos, embedded within the pageantry of youth and farm organization’s prose, and serve with distinction on state and national ag agency seals.

I think it’s time for an agricultural rebrand.

For fun, we are going to take the lead through Amber.

As an industry, we’ve been selling dawn for too long. It might be time to give dusk a try.

As I am certain you do too, there is a particular horizon that…

On the first Sunday of every month- I like to begin with the end in mind.

There’s a dual-split Sunday drive I typically take.

In Chicago’s up-and-coming tech neighborhood (the West Loop), lies the old ADM grain elevator. I roll by there. It’s a bit out of the, but not too far, way from our startup office. The concrete silos stick out like sore thumbs as the backdrop to Google’s office, McDonald’s new headquarters, and the upscale restaurant block all a touch to its east. The 120 year old site, built in 1897, still takes deliveries of trucks dumping grain…

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At Amber Agriculture, we’re fascinated with the trade of grain…

We are looking for our next key team members to join our ambitions in building industry-first technology for the world’s most important sector- Agriculture.

We help farmers/industry manage and market grain leveraging the latest in sensing, analytics and automation.

A bit about us…

Amber was cofounded by Lucas Frye (left) and Joey Varikooty (right). One had a farm upbringing the other a background at Fitbit.

Strolling through the electronics markets in Shenzhen, China (the hardware headquarters of the world)

We launched at the University of Illinois

Shoutout: @acesillinois, @illengineering, @giesbusiness, @tecenter Cozad, @iventure_uofi, @uiresearchpark

Amber Agriculture won the 2016 University of Illinois Cozad New Venture Competition

Accelerated in Shenzhen and Silicon Valley

We lived…

Lucas Frye

examining the trade of grain around the world with

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