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#MakeWaterSexyAgain is a project developed by 3 students, Julia from Germany, Jeremy from Israel and Lucas from Brazil, in the Design thinking for the 2030 agenda class at PUC-Rio, Rio de Janeiro. We decided to work with 2 topics of the Global Goals Jam that were “Climate action” and “clean water and sanitation”.

We want to raise awareness on the problem of water overuse by making a movement on social media through the hashtag #MakeWaterSexyAgain. Our main goal is to stress the importance of fresh water for all living being and to remind ourselves to save and use water with responsibility.

Along with the campaign on social media, we designed an app that would help the user to be more aware of the water usage in his daily routine, by giving tips on how to save water and how these simple acts have a huge impact on the users water meter. The app also features fashion companies, which are using water in a sustainable way for the production of clothes. And last but not least, the app is also going to show the most relevant posts of the hashtag #MakeWaterSexyAgain, so the user can see what is trending about the project without have to leave the app.

Photo by Samara Doole on Unsplash

Current Situation

A growing global population means also a growing economic shift towards more resource-intensive consumption patterns of freshwater withdrawals for agriculture, industry and municipal uses. This is of serious interest, because just 1 percent of our freshwater is easily accessible, with much of it trapped in glaciers and snowfields. In essence, only a limited amount of water is available to fuel and feed 6,8 billion people.

Water stress and the risk of water scarcity is now a common concern. This is even more applicable for particular regions with lower water resources and/or larger population pressures.

Despite being the most visible use of freshwater, domestic demands for most countries are small relative to agricultural and industrial applications. Globally around 14 percent of withdrawals are used for municipal purposes. Bigger numbers are found in the fashion industry. A 2017 report revealed that, in 2015 alone, the fashion industry consumed 79 billion cubic meters of water — enough to fill 32 million Olympic-size swimming pools. That figure is expected to increase by 50% by 2030. It’s a staggering amount, but it makes sense: It takes 2,720 liters of water to make a T-shirt and almost 11,000 liters of water went into creating a pair of jeans. Part of the reason for such enormous water footprints is that the clothes are made from cotton, which needs a lot of water to be produced.

Nonetheless, there not known eco-friendly brands which use sustainable material for their clothes or recycle them. No garment is worth the sacrifice of clean drinking water, agriculture, community, and even human life. There are big changes to be made to preserve and conserve our most precious resource, that is why we need to inform people about sustainable brands and create a movement for the bigger impact.

The Way to the solution

We started to look for a solution by focusing on our vision for the future: a planet without water pollution, but with enough accessible fresh water for everyone. In the next step we identified the problem and the stakeholder: bad usage of water by the households and by the industry. Focusing on the fashion industry as a key player, we searched for more information. We found out that there are many brands which invest a lot of energy to shorten their water usage, the problem was only that most of them were not well known. By analysing the value proposition and customer segment, it was clear that a change can only be made trough information accessible to everyone.

The social movement ‚Friday is for Future‘ inspired us. This movement shows the willingness of people in engaging with environmental topics. Our prognosis was that if we focus on a more specific environmental topic like water usage, the people would also be enthusiastic to share the topic. The best social platform for sharing is Instagram nowdays. So, we created an Instagram page makewatersexy and tried to promote our hashtag #makewatersexyagain. We chose this hashtag, because it draws attention and also is easily to remember. This way we could make our voice heard without involvement of any costs and everyone can participate by sharing the hashtag. Also, it was something which we could start immediately without big preparations.

The Solution

With the BlueApp we can address our main topic: the importance of fresh water for all living being and to remind ourselves to save and use water with responsibility.

The App itself is designed to provide an easy use and high involvement opportunity. By clicking on the waterdrop the user can read blog entries about how to save water. This entries will be proven and selected information on sustainable water usage in daily life. Tips can vary from turning of water tap while brushing teeth to cistern displacement device for the toilet. At the end the user can see how much water he can save by following the tips on a water-meter. This encourages to follow more tips and to save more water.

Furthermore, by selecting the medal button the user receive a list of sustainable fashion brand. By clicking on the brand logo, more transparent information about the policy of the brand and what they do to shorten water usage is displayed. Also, information about the design of the clothes and the location is listed. For the future, we hope to build a partnership with these brands to profit the users. For example, the user would get discount on the product by using our app. At the same time the brands will become more popular, which guaranties that they work together with us and that the user will download our app.

Lastly, the newspaper button leads to the hashtag makewatersexyagain. In this segment the most relevant posts from Instagram are shown. With incoming hashtags and post the user stays up to date on the topic and by clicking on the post can comment or like it in the InstagramApp itself. These should increase the motivation to use the app and stay social at the same time.

Photo by mrjn Photography on Unsplash

Good End?

We present an alternative solution for a more sustainable water use, while encouraging discussion on environmental topics. BlueApp believes that the people make the impact. That there is possibility to change the industry by buying only from sustainable brands and that other brands, after seeing the raising popularity, will also follow in the eco-friendly footsteps.

We understand that the change will be slow but it is up to us to write a good ending, it is up to us to save or blue planet. Are you interested in more information ? Would you be interested in the BlueApp?

Write us on Instagram or use or hashtag #MakeWaterSexyAgain. Help us expand our network and make this movement bigger!



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