I apologize.

I will apologize, because my President-elect never will.

I apologize to my Muslim friends, neighbors, and citizens of this great country for the years of abuse, hardship, and civil rights violations they are about to endure.
I apologize to my mother, wife, and daughter for being shown, yet again, that a man can degrade and assault women publicly, and be rewarded for it.
I apologize to my LGBTQ friends, family members, and community for having to endure yet another leader who will criminalize their struggles and treat them as aberrations to society.
I apologize to the undocumented families in this country who have come here yearning to breathe free, only to find that lamp shining for everybody but them.
I apologize to the ACLU, the SPLC, the LA LGBT Center, and others that their mission just became greater and their presence more necessary than ever.
I apologize to all the Jewish members of my community for having the specter of fascism, government-sponsored anti-semitism, and hints of Kristallnacht once again revived.

There is so much I could apologize for. And the years ahead will be full of real pain. Civil rights violations, personal and professional abuse. Threats of deportation, violence, and marginalization. But for each apology, there is action.

To participate in action with the Muslim community, educate first and see what action is most needed.The US Council of Muslim Organizations is a good place to start:

Few organizations in the USA are going to be under greater threat in the next few years than Planned Parenthood:

For LGBTQ action, find the Gay and Lesbian center in your hometown, visit them, and learn what can be done. My local center:

To participate in the fight against anti-semitism, B’nai Brith is not a bad place to educate yourself and get started:

But whatever you choose, choose something and do something. Now is not the time to lay down and assume everything will be ok. Be an active citizen and use the freedoms you have before they are slowly chipped away at and removed.