Influencer Marketing: How To Get Started (The Real & ONLY Way!)

Influencer marketing is — in my opinion — still one of the most undervalued marketing strategies out there.

A lot of businesses, from small to big, miss a lot of potential growth, reach and revenue in ignoring influencer marketing. And if companies decide to give it a shot, they mostly fail at the first and most important step: Getting in touch and establishing a relationship with a potential influencer.

Why? Because they don’t care enough.

Influencer marketing is all about relationships. Human2Human.

If you wanna succeed in influencer marketing you need to understand that an influencer is a human being that built up a community through trust and value.

An influencer IS NOT a billboard for your promotional content.

If you do some research, you will see that the rate of promotional content an influencer is sharing is quite low. Most of the content is pure information and pure value for the community.

One of the few reasons an influencer could actually establish such a big community.

So as we know that the interest of the community ALWAYS comes first, you need to think of ways on how to add extra value with your products or services.

This is probably the most important advice on influencer marketing I can share today with you!

Do not ask yourself: How can I promote my product? (This will develop along the way.)

Instead, ask yourself: How can I add an extra value (for the community) with my products or services?

And then start do research on what the community of the particular influencer is interested in.

What drives the engagement?

What kind of content works best? & Why?

Here’s how to get started in 5 easy-to-follow steps…

  1. Follow the influencer and discover what kind of and which content drives high engagement.
  2. Interact: Comment, Like, Share. Show real interest for what the influencer is sharing! You want the influencer to remember you when you get in touch for the first time.
  3. Get in touch with the influencer but DO NOT ask for promotion yet. Instead, try to create a conversation about a post, article or video the influencer just shared. Share your opinion and add an extra value to the content, share your ideas and suggestions for an upcoming content piece.
  4. After you got in touch, try to generate synergies. What does your and influencer communities have in common. What kind of content fits best to present/suggest (not promote) your product or service as an integrated part of a new content piece…that generates even more value.
  5. Now talk business. You already discussed and brainstormed new content ideas. You found common ground. Now it’s time to talk about how both sides can profit from a partnership.

Always remember: Influencer marketing is a long-term marketing relationship.

A partnership.

Treat the influencer like a partner, not an advertising channel. Connect, engage, add value, gain trust and you will see that influencer marketing has the potential to sky-rocket your business (if the influencer and it’s community fit).

Short-term growth with a long-term focus!

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