The First Question To Ask When Choosing A Social Media Platform For Your Business

Social media marketing is about relationships.

Relationships to your (potential) customers!

You created another great piece of content you are ready to share?

Good for you — as long as it reaches your potential customers.

You can save a lot of energy, time and ultimately money if you understand that social media marketing isn’t about you.

It’s all about your customers!

A question NOT to ask when choosing a social media platform for your business: What platform do I like and use the most?

Do not search for shortcuts e.g. “I already use Instagram, know how it works and that’s why I will use it for the business as well.”

THE question should be:

Which social media platforms do my potential customers use?

The rest will develop along the way.

There are A LOT of articles out there showing you the demographics, characteristics and differences of the existing social media platforms.

Cut the BS, crunch the numbers, talk to people, gain feedback, do your research and spend your time, energy and money on social media platforms where you can reach your (potential) customers the most efficient way possible. No more spray and pray!