Microsoft Build 2018 — Session Recommendations (Part 1)

As some of you might know, the Microsoft Build 2018 event happened this week (07–09 May) and this is always an awesome event for .NET Developers!

As I am making my way through as much sessions as my time allows me, I would like to share some of the best ones (in my not so humble opinion) with all of you!

Vision Keynote

I will start here with the more obvious one, the Keynote from Satya Nadella. This year’s Vision Keynote focused a lot into AI in the Cloud (Intelligent Cloud) and AI in IoT (Intelligent Edge), which is pretty interesting as I still lack a lot of experience in both AI/ML and IoT.

This Keynote actually make me very excited with what Microsoft envisions for AI and Machine Learning in the .NET world for the future, and I will try to keep my radar on this subjects.

I am particularly excited with and the ever-growing power of the .

As usual, there are some amazing number about the industry:

Industry Numbers
Industry Numbers

Here is the video:

The Future of C#

This session is a must for me by now, as every year Mads Torgersen and Dustin Campbell make an awesome presentation on what is coming next for my favorite language ever. (I love you Python, but C# comes first)

I was a bit disconnected from what is about to come with C# 8.0 and this session was amazing to put me up to speed with the stage in which those feature proposals are.

If you wanna know more about C# language feature proposals (or maybe even propose your own!) you can check on github.


MACHINE LEARNING IN DOTNET! Do I need to say anything else? Okay, a bit more then:

  • It is multi-platform (Windows, Linux and MacOS)
  • It is Open Source (check it out here)
  • It is still on Preview

The session is a really short one (20 minutes) and in this short time Rowan Miller walks through an application that can fixes a piece of music(!) using Machine Learning with ML.NET.

It is a relatively high altitude overview of the Framework capabilities, but it is also super FUN, and powerful.

I am still waiting for them to upload some sessions that looks really amazing.

But what do you think of those sessions so far?

I will post another list of my favorite sessions in a couple of days, after I went through most of my watch list :P

Talk to you soon :)

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