My last love was not a woman…

Oh boy… Let’s do this.

What’s there for me to write about? What’s there that nobody has written about before? That’s not the point really. It’s just this ich I’ve been having to write something. Maybe about myself or how I understand what I see. I guess I’m just writing and hoping to get somewhere.

It’s been about a year since I wrote because I wanted to and God knows it’s not for the same purpose. Last time I did it, was either that or taking in some absurd amount of alcohol. But that’s in the past and even though I feel confortable talking about it there’s no need to. I wanna talk about something that brings me happiness such as it is that I feel I wanna write. I wanna talk about discovering climbing.

As anyone (if anyone) who’ll read this may see my native language isn’t english. I’m Brazillian and as all of my foreign friends ask, yes I’ve been to Rio (acctually lived there some time) and there I came to meet climbing. I was visiting an aunt of mine who just so happens was dating a guy who climbed. And so she started too. It’s been almost a year now, but it fells so real and recent the first time I touched the stone of the Sugar-Loaf at modest 106ºF. And instead of getting my hands the hell out I grabed it harder and something wonderfull hapenned that didn’t happen since long ago… I smiled a truthfull smile.

I was never a very active kid. Never was the best tree climber between my cousins. Never even liked doing much physical activties. But at that moment, using a shoe 3 numbers smaller then my own, I acctualy enjoyed geting all sweaty and aching. It’s truly amazing how the simple idea of getting up the hard way and apreciating your effort can be so viciating. Of course I didn’t do much. It was just a little something that sparked a better time in my life.

Today I’m not much better than I was at the time. But coming back to my town in southern Brazil I started a colletcion of pictures and friends and laughters and new mountains vanquished that never gets big enough. In a years time I got again something to desire in my life. Something to help me through college and to hope for when I’m done with it. Something to fill my weekends and to make me laugh when I’m alone. I’m just begining but a look back at this short period gives me a joy that I didn’t feel since my last first love. And this one (I hope) won’t crush my heart but, instead, push me up as it does on the rock. Kmonnn!

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