‘VizDynamics’ Data gets the corner office

Digital data is sometimes difficult to manage. Undeniably useful, but also frequently frustrating to work with and too often counter productive. In theory, the more digital marketing analytics you collect, the more knowledge you have — but sourcing useful insights from disparate data served up by incompatible platforms can be time consuming and challenging. VizDynamics pulls all these diverse analytics together in a single, simple and seamless interface.

Solution Lucas Melbourne was asked to create a design treatment for VizDynamics digital interface, with a focus on functionality aided use and creating awareness of the service. The new design language is based on a ‘powerful simplicity’ theme. Lucas’ visual language simplifies complex data warehousing technology, enabling major advertising and large corporations to manage reporting, workflow automation and monitor campaign intelligence across all digital channels.

Originally published at www.lucasmelb.com on April 18, 2013.