Get a daily table of the results of your Investments using a Linux VM on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

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In this post, we’re going to see how to store a file on a Linux Virtual Machine comprising the daily results of a list of stocks originally available on Google Sheets.

Everyone knows a friend who is also complaining that he/she needs to be paying attention to their Banking or Investment Broker Platform in order to follow up on their financial investment results throughout the day.

Well, of course, everyone wants to know what’s going on with their own money. …

Deploy your Python Script in a Linux Virtual Machine on top of Google Cloud Platform to keep in touch with your investments

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Have you ever struggled when running your Python Scripts locally? Very general, isn’t it? Let me enumerate some struggling examples below:

  • Local Storage
  • Network Availability
  • PC always turned on

As I’ve been working with a Python Project that requires frequent execution, the examples above are the main ones that encouraged me to look for how to run away from handling it locally.

And why’s that? Because I’m not always logged in my computer and, even so, I didn’t want to keep executing my Python Script every 15 minutes (or any other frequency).

This scenario led me to define the following Project…

Keep using Python for managing online spreadsheet content

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If you clicked on this article you’ve probably used Python to manage Excel file content. As a well-spread tool, Excel is a very good option when using spreadsheets. Even though Microsoft has launched OneDrive, many people still use Excel locally and Google Drive’s option, Google Sheets, for the Cloud.

Either way, the most important benefit when using a Cloud service is to move away from local files. They demand local storage, they’re difficult to share with friends, and version control is a nightmare.

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps needed in order for you to be able to access your Google Sheets spreadsheets and manage their content with Python.

Naked Statistics, the bridge between stats classes and real-life cases, in a funny and insightful way

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I actually don’t remember how Naked Statistics¹ came to me. Probably it was recommended by one of the articles I read about statistics over the past few months.

I decided to give the book a chance and, at the very beginning, I read the following:

I usually knew what I didn’t know — Charles Wheelan

Interesting, right? Fortunately, I realized upfront that this book had a great chance to be worth it reading. Some weeks later, and with a lot of annotation, here I am. Was it really worth it?

If you are interested in either:

  1. How some real social-economic problems are studied and, most importantly, what makes them so difficult to be done and their potential…

Keep your own stock investment data up to date, as you wish.

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Also getting started with Python?

I had been wondering for quite some time how I could develop Python projects since Python isn’t heavily used in my daily work. So, I see here two possible situations which you might fit in:

Either your job does not exactly offer you the programming skills you are looking for or, in fact, it does not offer you any opportunity to use it at all.

Whatever is your case (even one not included in the above), in this post you might find an interesting Python project to start right now. So, what is it anyway? …


Lucas Nunes Fernandes

Exploring Data-Driven Analyses using Python | Project Management Office @ Ericsson

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