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Analyze your WhatsApp chat data using Python

Analyzing data can be fascinating, fun, and can give really interesting insights about a certain topic. When this data is connected to us or our context it becomes even more fascinating to analyze it, because this information was always close and present, yet it was never looked at from an analytic perspective.

To this end, our interaction with others via social networks is a good source of data. Nowadays we use social networks and the Internet on a daily basis for work or leisure purposes. These have turned out to be really helpful, by making some processes more efficient and…

Own source

Set up your environment to work with Docker and Jupyter running in a remote instance

In my research I work with Machine Learning/Deep Learning algorithms, which I mostly develop using Python. As such, I find it useful to test different frameworks (such as Keras, PyTorch, Tensorflow…). This lead me to using Docker, and in particular ufoym/deepo image as it provides a very complete environment.

I use a remote machine with GPUs, where I have Docker installed. When programming and testing some code snippets, I find it really helpful to use Jupyter. I had previously used Jupyter locally… but question here was how could I remotely use Jupyter running on a another machine. …

From time to time, you receive good news. It might not be as often as you would like to, but sometimes you get to know something that makes you feel happy. A job offer, a marriage, academic achievements, winning a prize are some examples of such great things.

When this happens, we all know that these wonderful and marvelous feelings are better when shared with someone. Someone typically being a close friend or relative.

Happiness only real when shared

Quote by Christopher Mccandless according to Jon Krakauer’s 1996 book Into the Wild

Good friends will be happy for you and will likely celebrate it with you if you ask them to. However, there…

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