Do it

Tableau I: Lozenge with Four Lines and Gray (1926). Modern art authors are often belittled for creating “too minimal” artworks. Sometimes, people feel like they could “do it” as well.

From time to time, we hear people underestimating the work from others. Generally to work that involves some kind of creativity, like for instance painting or music.

Sentences like “I can also do that” or, even more presumptuous, “My 5 year old son can do that” are common. I have one answer for these occasions; two words:

Do it.

But just to be clear, doing does not mean copying. It means first creating and conceiving a new and unique idea. It means to develop this idea and find a way to express it. Finally, it is time to bring it to life.

It is not all about what it physically is, but about what it represents and how it was devised.

Short and clear, not much to add. Simple post? Well, it was indeed.

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