Social Media Etiquette

Using social media is the norm of modern day society. It is an online identity of who we are as a person and some tend to show more online than others for better or for worse. It is very important to be cautious of what you share on social media because it can easily ruin your reputation at work or even your social life in general. There are countless cases of people using offensive language on social media causing a stir amongst friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers who discover it through media outlets and online sharing. Celebrities cause the biggest stirs from what they show on social media because it tends to viral faster; sharing controversial or just morally unacceptable posts.

Below I will share examples of celebrities who have ruined their repetition through social media:

  1. Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks. Photo taken from

Singer Azealia Banks hit the spotlight in 2011 with her hit song called “212”. Ever since she has had troubles making the top 100 Billboard charts. She mostly makes headlines for social media beef and from releasing offensive views on Twitter, which she is now banned from for sending racial slurs to ex-One Direction artist Zayn Malik. After apoligizing several times for her mistakes, Azealia seems to never learn her leason because she still makes headlines weekly due to her language.

2. Donald Trump

Donald Trump. Photo taken from

Billionaire Donald Trump is the most trended person of 2016, even after all the offensive, misonginistic and racist things he has said, he has been voted 45th President of the United States of America. Half of America hates him. Not a good look.

3. Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes. Photo taken from

Actress Amanda Bynes sent out a series of delusional tweets mentioning how the CIA is after her and that her parents put a chip inside her brain to know her thoughts. She has also insulted many celebrities online, calling them ugly, etc. She now can’t get any Hollywood work. On the bright side, she is getting psychiatric help. Amanda Bynes was a great and funny actress. Everyone would love to see a career come back.

4. Charlie Sheen -

Charlie Sheen. Photo taken from

Actor Charlie Sheen revealed in an ABC News interview in 2011, how crazy he really is and how much cocaine he does. The meltdown video went viral on social media and due to his actions, he was fired from sitcom Two and A Half Men.

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