Why didn’t the United States elect a female president?
World Economic Forum

As profound and appealing the question might be, the answer shouldn’t be that hard to grasp.

Appealing to the “women don’t have room in politics” is far from real, anyone who’s good at what he does will be a good politic regardless of the gender of said human.
But when your campaing is not forming a strong and valid opinion of yourself, showing your strenghts and tightening bounds, but to sistematically try to lower down your opponent, eventually that won’t work.
Leftist and liberals need to understand that while they are right in most cases, if you only say “you’re wrong, you dont get it” people won’t change and just make polls show bubbles.
Debate, conversation and interchange in the campaing would have lead to hillary as the president. Trump bashing and mocking on the other hand didn’t do anything for that.
In a system when you only have to make your supporters vote to win (Dems have more voters than reps in general), making the opposition hate you more instead of winning your support ends up in thigs like this.

Closing thought: “Why does the gender of a president matter?”

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