Best Flats to Buy in Croydon

If anyone is planning to buy a residential home in Croydon, the flat is the best option available to them. In Croydon, various kinds of properties are available such as flats, apartments, and commercial properties.
Compared to duplex and independent houses, flats offer higher amenities within the low price. So, it has always been the attraction point among buyers of the residential properties. 
Before choosing any flat to buy, one should consider many factors and accordingly should select any one which is most suitable to their requirements.
The factors to be considered are as under:
• A number of rooms available in flat.
• The size of the dining room, living room etc.
• A number of balconies.
• Is there attached toilet in each room?
• Any public place for celebrations.
• Floor area/ SQ. foots of the flat.
• Connectivity with public transportation.
• On which floor flat is built up?
• Availability of other modern availabilities, like water, security, modular kitchen, garden, swimming pool, terrace garden, gym, theatre, banquets, common light, parking area etc.
• Availability of finance/ loan from banks or any other financial institution.
• Other services like security, approval by national housing board etc.
• Maintenance charges, repairs costs etc.
• Popularity of those flats.
• Property tax.

After taking into consideration all these factors, one should find out the properties which are available for sale in the area you want, and then schedule a site visit for the flats.
If one is looking for a commercial property, make sure that the area is suitable for the business you are planning to start up in that commercial property. One should enquire about the current existing rates of commercial property in that area as there is always a difference in the rate of residential property and rate of commercial property.
One should also consider that commercial property is built on which floor? Is the location prime and suitable for the business? Is there any tax to be paid for doing the business in this property? 
And these factors also should be considered:
• Floor area of the property,
• Availability of public for sale/turnover.
• Availability of finance/funding from banks and other financial institutions.
• Availability of workers and any other staff.
• Connectivity with public transportation.
• Connectivity with main roads and prime locations of the city.
• Availability of other amenities such as water, security and sweeper etc.
• Whether toilet is available on each floor or separates for each property.
Then after find out which commercial properties are available in that area for sale. What are the maintenance charges to be paid to commercial building association? Is there any requirement for getting the license to start up the business one is planning to do in this commercial property? What is the procedure of the same?
And, at last, one can buy the property whether it is residential or commercial. All procedures and legal formalities to be done should be clarified before signing the deed.

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