RWA Market uses the Aave Protocol to bring more liquidity to Centrifuge assets.

Let’s dismantle the existing financial infrastructure, strip it down, and reassemble it for the 21st century. Today we launch Centrifuge: the Decentralized Asset Financing Protocol.

This article is the first of a series explaining in depth our upcoming release of Tinlake and how it fits into the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum.

Today we dive into a feature of the Tinlake smart contracts to showcase how lenders can invest in Tinlake loans.

Tinlake is Centrifuge’s smart contract framework for bundling loans collateralized by NFTs. It allows investors to invest in these portfolios of loans by issuing and selling ERC20 tokens that represent a claim on value generated by the loan portfolios through interest accumulation, loan repayments and potential liquidations.

We’re working on major improvements in how we can provide privacy to users of our NFTs. The work described here is the result of a collaboration with Stefan Deml, contributor to the zokrates-pycrypto library and the ZoKrates project. Together, we worked on a proof of concept for building a tightly integrated zero-knowledge proof using the ZoKrates language and toolchain. It was presented in the “ZoKrates: zkSNARKs for Developers” workshop at Zcon1, June 2019 in Split, Croatia.


At Centrifuge, we have strong privacy requirements. We set out to build our protocol to rely on messages exchanged off-chain instead of using…

Lucas Vogelsang

Cofounder at @centrifuge

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