We raised $4.3m in a SAFT!

What a journey so far, one we couldn’t have achieved without our hardcore supporters. Not only did we launch 7 pools, we are also now at over $3.5m TVL — and with this growth and maturity in our product we decided to bring in more capital to grow the business. And it’s just getting better. Our mission to bring real world assets on chain is further accelerated, we just raised a further $4.3m in the SAFT round in December last year.

The Round

We saw some great investors join this round; IOSG Ventures, Galaxy Digital HK…

Since the inception of Centrifuge back in 2017, it was our team that propelled us to where we are today. With our launch last year, and rapid growth of Tinlake (just reached 2M DAI in TVL) Real World Assets and with that a whole new group of users are starting to get on DeFi. We’re looking for you to join our small and growing team!

Hiring on all fronts

We have a big vision and a big challenge ahead of us and are looking for exceptional talent to join us and propel Centrifuge to become the first world-class decentralized asset financing protocol.Say …

Let’s dismantle the existing financial infrastructure, strip it down, and reassemble it for the 21st century. Today we launch Centrifuge: the Decentralized Asset Financing Protocol.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) leverages decentralized networks to transform old financial products into trustless and transparent protocols that run without intermediaries.

When we started building Centrifuge in early 2018, the term DeFi didn’t exist. We were excited to bring Trade Finance into Ethereum and knew that in doing so we would open cryptocurrencies and blockchains to a new audience. Since then, DeFi has turned into the fastest-growing segment in crypto. …

Centrifuge’s contribution to DeFi is to provide loans to businesses around the world. For DeFi to replace our traditional financial system we need to build access to capital for businesses to grow. Gustav from the Maker Foundation and I talked about one such use case in Paris at EthCC. If you’re unfamiliar with what Centrifuge does, I’d recommend you check out the talk. In light of recent events, I want to highlight ways that we believe assets with low correlation to the current collateral pool (ETH & BAT) can stabilize the system as a whole.

What happened on Black Thursday?

Within 24 hours Ethereum crashed…

This article is the first of a series explaining in depth our upcoming release of Tinlake and how it fits into the DeFi ecosystem on Ethereum.

Today we dive into a feature of the Tinlake smart contracts to showcase how lenders can invest in Tinlake loans.

Tinlake is Centrifuge’s smart contract framework for bundling loans collateralized by NFTs. It allows investors to invest in these portfolios of loans by issuing and selling ERC20 tokens that represent a claim on value generated by the loan portfolios through interest accumulation, loan repayments and potential liquidations.

We’ve used Tinlake for a first set of transactions to finance — among others — music royalty payments and real estate with Maker. Using the Tinlake smart contracts, Lendflo is factoring SME receivables in the UK to bring transparency to borrowers and build a worldwide network of buyer-supplier relationships you can trust.

Some people have a different appetite for risk: senior/junior tranches in structured finance


The period following the release of Tinlake has seen an overwhelming growth -in and around- Centrifuge. We started a close collaboration with the Maker Foundation in anticipation of Multi Collateral Dai launching on November 18th, simulating a reality where tokenized real-world assets will be used as collateral to take out loans in Dai. These successful projects have seen USD 250K worth of loans extended, which you can read more about on our blog.

In parallel, the time was ripe to add additional fuel to our growth. Fuel that would allow us to expand the team and support our growing number…

Scaling Open Finance beyond Crypto

The last few days have seen a lively debate around the risks and benefits of including diversified real-world assets in Maker’s Multi Collateral Dai (MCD) when it launches. At the core of the debate is the question of whether assets that depend on the legal system for custody and security should be included as collateral in a decentralized system.

We’re working on major improvements in how we can provide privacy to users of our NFTs. The work described here is the result of a collaboration with Stefan Deml, contributor to the zokrates-pycrypto library and the ZoKrates project. Together, we worked on a proof of concept for building a tightly integrated zero-knowledge proof using the ZoKrates language and toolchain. It was presented in the “ZoKrates: zkSNARKs for Developers” workshop at Zcon1, June 2019 in Split, Croatia.

This is a rather technical article assuming some knowledge of how zero-knowledge proofs work. If you are unfamiliar with zkSNARKs, I highly recommend reading this blog post.


At Centrifuge, we have strong privacy requirements. We set out to build our protocol to rely on messages exchanged off-chain instead of using a completely public global ledger. While it comes with its own downsides, this allows for transactions across the Centrifuge network to be done completely hidden from any third party. In order to interact with the ecosystem on Ethereum, we allow for assets (such as invoices or purchase orders) to be…

TL-DR: I want to give you a brief preview of a new product we’re launching called Tinlake, a platform built on decentralized financial infrastructure, that enables you to draw loans against conventional illiquid assets. This is done by issuing an ERC-20 token that represents a fraction of the collateral.

The Direct Path to DeFi

Decentralized finance, in its mission to transform the global financial landscape, brings transparency, cost-efficiency, speed, and accessibility to an industry that has traditionally been opaque with tough barriers of entry.

At Centrifuge, we’ve spent the last year developing the underlying protocol that will connect the global financial supply chain, allowing businesses…

TL-DR; We published the Centrifuge Protocol Paper, a technical deep dive that walks you through the inner workings of Centrifuge OS. Read it here

Protocol + Paper

The Centrifuge Protocol Paper serves as a reference for the core protocol, and the rules that must be adhered to by any node in the Centrifuge peer-to-peer network. These rules include message specification, signature generation, and validation, as well as how the Ethereum-based smart contracts fit into the picture. …

Lucas Vogelsang

Cofounder at @centrifuge

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