Chapter one only!!

The diary of Will hedgeworth

Chapter one


Centrifugal force. What the hell is centrifugal force?!

. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well,whatever it is, I need to find out. You see, I have a science project that I need to hand in next Monday, and I am doing a project on centrifugal force and I need too…

“Hello, Will!”

Oh crap.

That’s Dylan, my stupid friend thingy.

“Not now, Dylan.”

I should probably introduce myself. I’m Will, I’m new and I’m year 7. I should probably go and introduce myself to the form tutor.

My form tutor is Mr Girding. He seems very clever.

“Hello Mr. Girding, you seem very clever.”

“Uh, honestly Hedgeworth, what are we coming to? Why on earth would you say that!!”

My mistake, he’s a retard.

He shall now be know as ( drumroll please) The Great Knob. ( or TGK for short).

“Come on then, you crapasaurus, we should be getting to maths now” said Dylan.

“Come on then, crappy haircut.”

So my and that dumb-arse Dylan sauntered off to the maths classroom, preparing to get taught a load of crap.

Well, that was amazing!

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