The New AdWords 2017

A lucky few already have access to the Beta Version of the new AdWords. You will know if you are one of these accounts invited, by the light blue pop up bar that says, “Try the new AdWords [BETA]” at the bottom right of your screen when you are logged into your AdWords Account. Here’s exactly what that looks like:

Okay, so what now? The whole new look of Google AdWords is similar to the new look of Google Analytics. With anything, it takes a little getting used to, but if you devote the time to practicing within the new interface, you will be happy you did so with new options and easy-to-view dashboards to see clearly what is happening in your account. Here’s an example of what the interface looks like when you log into the dashboard:

The New AdWords

You can change which fields show up on your dashboard, or anywhere within the data sheets just like the old interface allowed you to, but now in a much cleaner view.

I really love the new flow to create a new campaign. It is streamlined, but you still have access to all the advanced areas for hyper-changes.

Choosing the right campaign, building it out and knowing how to daily maintain it, will get you the most ROI for your eCommerce site or any other website you’re running AdWords with.

As you get used to the new interface, there will be times when you just need the old interface to make a quick change, or you’re still learning and getting comfortable, so making an important change you’d rather do in the old Google AdWords. That’s okay! You can return to the previous AdWords interface in just two clicks. The 3-dot stack at the top right, and then the link to click to return to the old way. As always, here’s a helpful screenshot:

And then you’re back to the old view…

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Originally published at on June 28, 2017.