You’ve got serious writing talent for someone your age! It’s impressive.
Alec Zaffiro

Thanks for the compliments!

I don’t think I can specifically pinpoint one reason why I learned to write this way, but I think my style of writing in which I aim to use more casual-reading words was influenced by how tired I’ve gotten of academic presentations that generally encourage the heavy use of dictionaries and thesauruses. Although those two resources can often be extremely helpful for papers and essays, I eventually started to feel like they were limiting my creativity and the flow of my written ideas. That’s part of the reason why I came to express those ideas on Medium, actually! I still love to write for school when I’m interested in the topic at hand, but since the current high school curriculum has a pretty heavy focus on emulating the writing style of famous authors, I’ve been making an effort to use more time out of my week to write in my own style, especially when I’m addressing more personal topics such as my filmmaking endeavours. Having a space to share those ideas without a grade to think about is pretty valuable!