Finactum acquired by Starfisk


(Brugge and Leuven - 31 January, 2019) — Belgium augmented financial data analytics provider Finactum announced it has been acquired by IT and advanced API marketplace company Starfisk.

Starfisk nv offers solutions for the (monetized) distribution of microservices through APIs and APPs. The focus of Starfisk nv is on all government related applications and APIs — used by such e.g. sector federations or other vertical professional interest organisations.

“Starfisk is offering organisations an advanced platform of industrialised APIs with emerging technologies and captures information flows that will enable them to design new services and workflow solutions built for the future,” said Martin Lagauw, founding partner of Starfisk.

“We look forward to further develop the basic services that the Finactum Pro app created in the Belgian eco-system and marrying our workflow expertise with Finactum’s app/API leadership in financial data analytics and insights.” said Bart Duron, co-founder of Starfisk group.

The intention is to use the accumulated yearly accounts NBB data of about 10 years and to integrate this into an updated offering for horizontal use as well as for some vertical offerings such as in real estate, architect and construction related industries.

About Starfisk
Starfisk nv acts as a facilitator for the (monetized) distribution of microservices through API’s and APPs. Our geographic focus is Belgium and the sector focus is government and government related applications such as e.g. sector federations or other vertical professional interest organisations. Starfisk offers additional distribution capacity for digital vendors in the form of indirect distribution partnerships by leveraging on the audience and reach of industry-specific marketplaces and on-line communities. Starfisk can increase the revenues of on-line market places and communities by implementing an extra business line, based upon a — transaction based — business model, with pre-paid transactions. Learn more at

About Finactum
Finactum nv delivers company data for Belgium in a freemium business model. The core offering is to provide a ‘rich’ set of factual data and as such be a tool for company competitive intelligence, m&a market research or lead generation. The company aims to be(come) a data Intelligence Service Provider (web 3.0). Learn more at


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