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It has been a while now since we wrote anything new about our Finactum venture. The very last communication was a LinkedIn post from October 2016 about the meaning of privacy in a government ruled data world. It got high number of views, probably also because the title mentioned the word sex. 🙂

Not that we have not been busy, but we simply had nothing to communicate that was sufficiently interesting or new. Now we have.

First of all, the “Finactum Pro” development which will allow for structured querying over the database with annual accounts of all Belgian companies entered into a final phase. We anticipate beta launch by end of this quarter. In the mean time the current free website (the “Finactum Pro Deo”) is kept in the air. Here is a sneak peek of the new website:

Second, our technical team has been working on new APIs and an API store and we have now a working version available. Unfortunately the payment module is not yet implemented so we can only do non-automated customer acquisitions for the moment, but basically we can build any API request on demand. Here is a preview of the store:

Third and last and this is actually the real subject of this post, we have been playing around with a nifty little feature that we baptised “Rapunzel”.

The tool is based on the idea to have basic company information handy at all times and on every single web page within your own browser. So we created a Chrome browser extension that shows you condensed financial information for every valid VAT number of any Belgian company on any web page you visit or you create within the browser.

When you hover with the mouse over a valid VAT number a pop-up window appears that looks like this:

You can easily switch this ON or OFF and also optionally visualise 1, 2, 3 or 4 blocks of information: Basic Company Status, Graph, Balance and Directors.

The tool comes in very handy for all kind of persons who often have Belgian VAT info in their applications, whatever is the origin of the app, as long as it is within the browser page. In the future Finactum could deliver any kind of information like this, also including financial ratio’s and company scores.

If someone is interested in the tool to try you may apply for a closed beta test version by writing me an email at luc@finactum.be


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