Brain vs. Heart

Sometimes suffering is the only way we learn
Sometimes it takes breaking our heart apart to finally let it go
To finally stop listening to it and accept what our mind has been aware of

It’s a sort of madness
They say we can be headstrong, but I believe the heart to be more stubborn
It clings without reason
Until it snaps

But what is the limit before it snaps?
That's the problem
We don't know until it's happened
When we're left picking up what's left
The scraps

It never goes back to how it was
All we're left with is the scraps
But, you see, some can make art from scraps
It's raw talent

But we'll never heal a heart back to its original form
We've heard this before
But why would we want to?
The heart is meant to be experienced with
It was made powerful for a reason

I do not desire the heart I was born with
The experiences, they've molded me
The laughter and sadness combined
I do not wish to have selective experiences

They wouldn’t make me, me.

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