5 Morning Habits to Help you Reach Success

As a single mom staying on top of everything can be exhausting and leave you with no energy to do the things you want to do for yourself.

Having energy is essential if you want to succeed!

If you find yourself running out of patience and you don’t have enough energy, help is at hand.

Here are some of the habits that you can implement in your morning routine that helped me to transform my days. Make the change one habit at the time just like I did. You can read about it on my post Why I get Up at 4.30am each morning.

1. Don’t get up early. Get up EXTRA early. That way you will have enough time for yourself. It’s proven that we are most productive the first 2 to 3 hours after we get up so why not use that? I get up at 4.30am each morning but also, I go to bed early so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep.

2. Do yoga or some form of an exercise. I do yoga each morning, and the length always varies. Sometimes I do 15 minutes sometimes 25minutes. Choose the right length for you.

3. Meditate. Morning is the perfect time to meditate because it improves your concentration and that way you can accomplish more in less time. I use an app called Calm (Android).

4. Gratitude I recently started a 5 minutes morning journal. However, if you only want to list the things you are grateful for it’s fine as well. A friend of mine stays with us for a month. She was diagnosed a year and a half ago with stage 4 of the deadliest brain cancer Glioblastoma and was given few months to live. She is not only alive but never felt better than before without chemotherapy or radiotherapy. She changed her lifestyle and diet and most of all her mindset. I will probably write another post on the subject or interview her for “She is…” Seeing her each morning makes me grateful for so many things in my life that I was not able to see before, even things like hearing the birds chirping or seeing the morning sun. I even started to have a “gratitude walk” with my son who is 5. Each morning on the way to school we list the things we are grateful for.

5. Revisit you to-do list, make changes if necessary and start working on some of the tasks. I usually do my weekly to-do list on Sunday and then the night before each day I do my to-do list for the next day. However in the morning sometimes I add new tasks or change things around.

Don’t wait the day to go by, instead create the day you want it. Also be patient with yourself. To change a habit it takes 21 days so don’t get discourage if one day you are so tired that you can’t get up. The point is to do it no matter how you feel. Just like athletes exercise each day even if they are tired.

Believe that everything is possible, and grand change starts with small steps.

If as single moms, we can do the hardest job on Earth, raise children on our own then I believe we can achieve whatever we set our minds to.

I’m curious to know, what habits you struggle with? What are the positive changes that you noticed?Which day was the hardest to get up early or accomplish a task? Post your comments below and don’t forget, the sky is the limit.

Dream big and have a FAB day.

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