5 Sunday Habits to Help You Achieve Success

As working single moms, we are non-stop doing something at the office or home and there is almost no time to reflect and decompress. I get up very early, and I try to schedule time for myself each day to meditate and reflect on my life. Times like that are very important to decompress as well as to maintain our balance and productivity. Besides my daily practice, I noticed that Sunday is the best day to step back and reflect on the experiences of the past week and raise the bar for the next. Sunday sets the tone for the whole week; this is the beginning or what I like to call the pre-production of the week. Subconsciously I have created a list of 5 habits that I follow each Sunday, and they work miracles for me.

Habit #1 Spent time with the people you love Really spend time with them. If you are building Lego with your child or doing an art project, put the electronics aside and be fully present. My Sundays are short days, and I usually go to the park with my son for an hour or two. While he is playing, I listen to a TED talk or read a book. After we go home, we are usually on the floor doing all sorts of projects or/and just talk. My phone is far from me and even though the magazine on the table is tempting I push my self to look away. It was hard in the beginning and it took some time but now I am down to 95% (no magazine or phone but my thoughts drift away).

Habit #2 Give thanks for the week.

Gratitude is a key to our happiness and whatever we are grateful for we will receive more of the same. So be liberal with the gratitude and giving thanks to what you have and what you want. State the things you want as if you already have them. Instead of asking for what you want simply say: I am grateful I earn (the desired amount). I am thankful I live in (the desired house). That way you will start thinking in a positive direction and eventually change your mindset and attract the things you want. It’s interesting that what we give attention to we attract. If we complain and say what we don’t want we attract more of it. That is why is very important to state the desires in a positive statements. Instead of: I don’t want to live in this house all my life. We can change it to a positive statement and it will sound like that: I live in a house that has a great energy, and my creativity flows.

Habit #3 Set up a to-do list for the week As you probably know by now, I am a to-do list gall. I love to-do lists. I have notes all over my place, desk, and sometimes I forget where I put the to-do list for the blog, the work list or the list for the talk show. I now have a notebook that I split in three for the three careers that I am juggling, and I write down the night before all the things that I have to do. On Sunday, I usually set my goals for the week and then I do a separate one for Monday. That way Monday evening I can look at the weekly to-do list and know what I have to do on Tuesday. To-do lists are crucial because I a way we are held accountable and when we accomplish the goals we set it affects our self-confidence, and we feel better. And since we get more of what we focus on we feel better and better each time we accomplish our goals.

Habit #4 Journal Journal doesn’t mean that you have to write pages and pages of your experience, although that is not a bad idea. I discovered Alex and Mimi Ikonn’s “5 Minutes Journal” and that works great for me. I do have another Journal that I write to my son. Things like what we do, where we go, what he said, how I feel about him, how proud I am of him and so on. For Sunday list the best things that happened the past week and what are the amazing things you want to achieve in the coming week.

Last habit on the list.

Habit #5 Go to bed early I found that when I stay late on Sunday, and I am tired on Monday the week starts “on the wrong foot.” I get up at 4.30am each morning so usually I go to bed by 9.30pm-10.00pm but Sunday I try to go between 9 pm and 9.30pm.

Find what works for you and if you think those habits are something that you can implement in your Sunday comment below. Have a great week because you deserve it.

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