Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved
Joshua Topolsky

Awesome article, Joshua.

I think it portraits and frames a lot of the actual state of media in general, and globally. I’m form Argentina but I see a lot of this even on our local media. Whenever it is TV channels, newspapers, news websites, mobile apps businesses, etc.

There is a crazy tendency of trying to make the perfect product that sales for everyone instead of focusing on creating something good for real and specific people.

I am just an amateur writer here on Medium, but I think a lot about all this. Even I caught my self sometimes trapped on the maelstrom of searching the thing that will save or make my businesses successful or better. And i’ve been looking in the wrong direction.

I’m also a photographer (and a multimedia design advanced student), basically everything on my field moves and changes so fast that it is easy to fall on that vortex and you need to adapt. But just a few days ago I went to a workshop given by a well known professional from here and the best thing that I could have learned there, was to find the humans beings that will appreciate my work and working for them. Thats it. Making and selling a specific product for specific human beigns instead of going crazy triying to find “the perfect thing for everyone”.

And again, awesome article.