Week 5: 3 Material Romans, Living in A Material World

January 9th, 2017 Thursday — Post Lecture

3 Main Leaders of focus:

  • Alexander the Great -Hellenic look emulation (Macedonian Greek conqueror)
  • Emperor Augustus
  • CE Roman Emperor Trajan — get to know from architecture and literature

3 key terms that we will be encountering in this module

  • iconography -picture that illustrates a subject, traditional symbols, or supplementary content associate with the subject and imagery or symbolism regarded to a work of art
  • iconology -the study of visual imagery and its meaning and interpretation=socially and politically
  • material culture — physical remains of a culture- artifacts/ecofacts

Listening to Leadership:

When I think of places that reflect leadership locations in which people installed a multi dimensional message for its varied audience. The symbolic message behind certain structures are what greater emulates its overall aura of leadership. A place that embraces the social and political context of moment in time, while also engaging in a story with its embellishments is what I hold to represent leadership. Buildings that I am familiar with seeing on a day- to -day basis are even, nationally, recognized as important land marks. Keep in mind that for every one of these locations comes a varied attitude per individual. I was born in Baltimore, MD to a Nigerian family, I currently am embracing everything that the District of Columbia has to offer and am always on the go to the prominent landmarks of the capital. Contextual factors for a specific person can evoke a particular interest , something as simple as your major can shape what you associate with leadership and the other great stories

The countdown starts with the 5 locations I consider personal symbols of leadership from the rarest to most commonly visited a lot can be said about the different messages each structure was created upon.

5. The White House

D.C. is home to many featured historical monuments. The most poignantly symbolic and functioning structure just might be The White House. The historical pinnacle of power for the Nation stands triumphantly holding our values close .Built in 1792, measuring 168 ft by 86ft. and home to token material culture. From the architecture, art installments, and various wings, the very location encompasses a crucial piece of American history. Located on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this residence shines as a beacon of leadership in which the executive branch resides in globally. Although the checks and balances of the overall political system work to conjecture power easily, the symbol of leadership of the nation is represented as the President, being that the leader of the executive branch is seen as the essential representation of the country, it only seems fit that his very workplace shine as a well-designed and solid figure of such a role.

4. The American Psychological Association Headquarters

As a prospective Developmental Psychologist, the headquarters of my preferred field is naturally one of interest to me. Within a fast- paced business oriented community sits this structure devoted to capturing and facilitating the discussions of leaders in the field. As time change and policies change key influencers within preferred fields of interest must divest into healthy forums in support of incubating new thought and discovery. As one of the biggest and most recognized infrastructures near Union station, this representative feature captures the eyes of many tourist traveling to the District. Psychological studies and phenomenon are both manifested and dissected through experimental observation and proper procedural measures.

3.The African American Museum

Although I have not yet had the opportunity to visit this new and highly anticipated space, I am fully aware that it is home to an astronomical collection of vital artifacts crucial to the narration of African American culture both domestically and on an international scale. Having been adamant about obtaining tickets, the waiting list still continues to reflect that this is a long anticipated museum.

2. The Pentagon-Headquarters of them United States Department of Defense

The Pentagon although not strictly recognized in the branches of the government is one of the central and key emulators when it comes to the safety of those in the public. Most individuals consider this the root of most of the torture practices especially on those suspected of terrorism. The headquarters stands as a representation of the measures and bounds that the domestic forces are willing to take in protection of this country.

1.Howard University Clock Tower

One of nearest landmarks is right on the campus of Howard University, The Founders Library and Clock tower’s infrastructure of represents more than just a postal card background photo, it is an architectural masterpiece devoted to the creation and establishment of the university. As the structure stands today it continues to sound off the hours on a daily basis so constant that it dates back to the times when reveled leaders and thinkers may have attended. As an institution for high learning many of the Bison community is attuned to the alma mater renditions played at the half of every day

February 10, 2017 Friday 1:30

Step One :How to see the “Greatness” of Alexander

The Battle of Issus was captured in tesserae in the year 333 BCE. Alexander ,located on the leftmost side, on his horse Bucephalus, leads his men to the crucial moment of the battle against the fleeing Persians. Opposite Alexander towers the figure of Darius III, the tallest figure amongst the visible characters, on his retreating war chariot. Between the two is a Persian prince ,Oxyathres, who displays his loyalty by using his body to shield his king while another soldier offers retreat to an emotional Darius. This mosaic was deemed to have been a copy from the original and was located within The Faun House of Pompeii. This location is described to have basically been a renters or landowner’s office in which wealthy owners of the land communed amongst one another. To have such a photo in the main common area shows how important this event may have been in the overall history of the people. Such a moment being caught within a singular photo embraces the values and virtues that come with being, in this day and age, the best.

How is the composition arranged?

The mosaic displays an encroaching army led by Alexander the Great. The depiction of the moment of retreat captures the emotions that may have been witnessed at the time. A courageous and honorably soldier throwing himself in front of his general. With his hand outstretched and a trampled down soldier, either belonging to him or the opponents, all convey a sense of confusion and chaos of the invaded. The face of this unknown soldier is all to be captured on the fleeting carriage of the king, the expression of fear creates a sense of helplessness for someone fallen in the middle of a battle that soon will become a surrender. The very interest that this mosaic may display may be in the very predictability of the overall story from just a simple photo. In one scene the author captures an array of emotions left to be solved and understood by all those knowledgeable and aware of the battle.

Who goes where and who is doing what?

Alexander and his horse are riding into battle and bringing his forces to come and conquer the Persian forces. The expression and gesture he is illustrated to hold exude considerable focus and absolute resolution in the middle of battle. This expression of raw readiness for anything coming his way is clearly depected in his forrughed brows , the intense frown,his hand outstretched holding a spear. Even Bucephalus’ upward tilted eye appears to look to Alex the Great for a leading command .

The later addition, of animal expression, though unlikely is the artist’s method of personifying the magnificence of such a heroic time. Darius, whom is the highest figure represented on the right displays all the signs of someone who emotionally is losing control off the situation. The expression of worry and the lack of any fighting tool in his hand shows that he is more concerned with the person acting as a meat shield than he is about the overall status of the battle and its resulting contentions. While everyone around him is worried about his safety, he is obviously worried about his people. Unfortunately, this concern is petrified in the mosaic and illustrated that he lacks the control contain himself in battle. Out of all he competing forces the only character depicted to have his head in the game is Alexander, the eventual winner.

Can you tell which figure is Alex the Great, and which one is Darius III?

The winner and conqueror within the picture literally has his eyes on the prize as he trots into battle with a weaponless prince who stands between the way of he and Darius. This control and self-awareness in a time of dynamic turmoil shows that as a leader the Macedonian leader is able to stay focused on the reason he is there. Killing and conquering the former structured leader is vital to combating his legacy, hence his devoted manner in the mosaic that shows him undistracted, unbothered and understanding of the necessities of battle.

How does the artist convey who is the victor in this struggle and who is the defeated party?

As we take a look at the Alexander Mosaic we are cautioned to draw from all sources and evidential implications that may give the viewer a full rendition of the events taking place. The combination of crystal material is thought have been a copy of a real Hellenistic painting. This knowledge informs viewers that this is a representative piece to be known for the two key players, Alex and Darius III. Based on the golden halo and collection of golden carriages evoked in the image it is only human nature to assume who Alexander the Great may be. As his men and horses ride in a strategic and tactical manner, the loosing Persian forces along with their Golden chariot appear to be in the middle stages of making a hasty escape. The panic and almost frantic nature of this exit is even seen in the 2nd soldier to the left of Darius III. A breve of emotions faced at this point and the capturing of raw concern for the royals is uncanny. When it comes to battle, plans and routines are somethings to be crucial negotiated and evenly worked out, this scene lacks such preparation.

Stepping over a creature as big as a bleeding horse signifies eminent defeat in terms of the forces in ownership of the animal. Meaning DARIUS -0 AND ALEX -1

Closer examination shows a dead horse and no other horse is so obviously seen as bleeding out on the battlefield, stepping over such a figure could be form of symbolism implying impending defeat. On the subject of horses, the unknown artist stresses the condition of the battle of Issus when a close up is provided on the faces of Darius and his “magnificent” steed. The expressions of both the soldiers and animals seems to play a crucial role in depicting the message behind a long revered work.

Now focus in on the faces of Alex and Darius in the slideshow above. What message does the artist send about leadership and retreat in the facial expressions of these two kings?

The artist, by showing the up and close facial features of each leader implies the manner at which decisions where made. Based on the shot of Alex, we can assume that he is 100% focused on winning and expanding his land. On the other hand, Darius’ III. lack of even a weapon, and his expressions of concern for those left behind say that as a leader his decisions are to be too manifested in the heart and matters that can distract an individual from their perceived goal.The two kings draw from two different places when it comes to commanding and only the more succesful leader , ie Alexander , can win.

February 11, 2017 Saturday- Health Sciences 2:00

Step two: Understanding Ancient Royal Iconography in Context

Look through the examples given in Pollitt and identify the divine attributes given. What does that tell us about the ruler’s PR campaign?

In an early artifacts depiction of the leader, the left arms appears to be shrowded with only grapes. At this point in time we can understand the cultural affinity for Gods and their divine deeds. These grapes reflect the works of the Dionysus, the god of both fertility and wine. This may atificat may reflect a devotion to the times of Alexnder the Great who has brough resulting harvest and feritlity to the entire country.

How does Pollitt describe the change in art from the Classical Greek period to the Hellenistic Greek period?

According to Pollitt , the expression of art in Classical times was one that ment to express itself through perfection and purity of work. The figures depicted in such a time where a combination of reality and valued beliefs. Such an art practice would make it even harder to classify one heroic leader from another. During the rise of the Hellenistic Greek art , reflective and realistic figures became the goal.The ideals of the new Hellenic style became an inasingly big portion og historical representation for leaders. Naturally ,the rulers became perfectionists when it came to the sculpting of their apperance. Alexander the Great at some point even decreade that the only person who could only be portraits made by Lysipppos of Sicken

February 12,2017 Sunday 1:00

Step three: Understanding Roman Leadership from a Sacred Monument

The Ara Pacis : Alter of peace -9 BCE

Pax Romana — Romans peace: The long period of relative peace and minimal expansion by the Roman Military. In this time the Roman empire reached its peak land mass, and population of 70 million people.

Military campaign conclusions from Spain and France after combating and securing his empire. This building up was enforced by Mussolini who also aimed to create an Empire similar to the emphasized power. No longer a Monarchy, Republic and land of a dictator, this alter represents the central power of Octavian. Establishing himself as Princepates, Pontificus Maximus and Son of God, gives him political and spiritually relevant tradition in which he highlights the values of the culture. The marble structure represents the Golden Age introduced to the Roman culture. The relaxed and order of the complex changes in this time illustrate the deep impact to be made on the overall contending attitude of Rome and its rulers. The art and figures designed around the great artifact all stem at a cultural representation of satisfaction in abundance met by the new established ruler, Octavian. It appears that by centralizing his dominant power and calling to mind the history of the Roman culture by including odes to Aeneas and other great leaders, he is manifesting nationalism while also expanding into a politically new and untraveled path.

Listening to leadership Pt. 1

Take notes on how Augustus is representing himself.

  • Embellished in military armor, and draped in what appears to be cloth of some kind, the figure of Octavian pointing and commanding shows him to be a leader at any point in time. Even during times of rest and relaxation, if he is needed he is there to uproot problems and lead his people. On his bootstrap or back of his outfit is an attached dietary. This cherub like figure may be the divine expedience in which he was rumored to have held due to the lineage of his father Julius Caesar. This addition may imply that in whatever command he attains, his words are those backed up by the gods and isn’t to be doubted or questioned.
  • The figure in which Octavian is draped in an ethereal cloth may be a key indicator of his religious position as pretty much the Pope. This gives the influential double influence over the practices of Romans in such a time of great peace that such a time, to some, may signify his rightful position.

February 13, 2017 Monday 2:00

Step Five : Reading the images of Trajan’s Columnn

Trajan’s Column :

Stands as a 125-foot tall pillar in commemoration to the victory the Roman leader had within the Dacian Wars. on the spiral bas relief an artistic tic description of the events that took place is presented. This particular column is installed within what is known as Trajan’s Forum.

Tuesday , Febuary 14 , 2017 Valentines Day 1:15

With no date or potential valentines gift in sight , I was greeted at 9:40 am with a guitar ranging Professor Sandridge . On what is known as the “buttonless guitar” he plays for what may have lasted for a span of about 2 minutes. As I held back laughter and made eye contact with my confused classmates the mood was easily lightened .

Music making lessons

G(i.)A(ii.)B(iii.)C(iv.)D(v.)E(vi.)F (vii.)

8 notes formal scale — learning the gutar you can just learn chords which are collections of 3–4 notes. 145 chord progression was also somethingdiscussed

G chord=G, B,D wholesome — prelude to journey , very powerful combo

GCD- 3, 4,5 chord , all relate within pop , hip hop , rock all moderned cultured music.He stressed the ability and potential for all of us to learn the instrument during the weekend.

Spirits in the material world

leadership in terms of physical culture and infrastructure design. The way something flows and the inscriptions used in its adornment.

Ara pacus — Emperor Augustus — responsible consolidating the roman identity

In order to get us thinking scout the visual side of leadership, we must consider all contextual discoveries. Monuments are aides in the ways we lead because they exemplify the values cherished by the founders. Questions and problems of ancient leadership can now be brought into a case studies and analyzed for truth even.

  • Howard university -Betsey DeVos and Omarosa: explain the problems that may be faced in inviting her to campus. Problems faced as the president of HU.

— misconception and how you will be perceived by the students at Howard. She is very much in favor of replacing public education and having School Choice as a new installment. This mirrors the choice of AG in returning Crisis back to crisis and he continues to refuse

— people will put his own belief system into question. The population of the student body already doesn’t look upon the new administration as a favorable which may complicate what people see as his objectives.

Agamemnon Checklists of problems, always at play in a cloudy and complicated situation like this This occurrence may not flatter hiss overall imagery throughout the HBCU network. Challenge of being greedy and to detached from the attitude of the students. This is a way to dehumanize the wants and needs of those who are attending. Douglas hall, and other buildings named after remarkable individuals in history. We as school, pride ourselves in the work of the mission of the university. That may relate to Fredrick

Material culture standpoint, does her visit undermine or strengthen the mission statement of the university?

$2 million endowment from the government every year. How many of us would go on camera to say such a thing in praise of the Trump administration? Some people say that compromise is unthinkable, being the figurehead of the university. His position makes him the spokesperson for a prominent HBCU recognized worldwide. This behavior is less than acceptable and leaves the image of Howard as a joke.

1. does this seem like a situation in which someone’s emotions can get out of control.

Of course, he has the potential to be very emotional and forthcoming or professional and goal oriented This stoic behavior and affect resemble that of Agamemnon’s. Meanwhile, the tweets of Dr. Car who put her (DeVos’) entire career into question, resembles passion seen in Achilles. Fredrick is handling this situation with a calm base line temperament and maintaining an air of praotes.

2. Leaders may be over indulgement in luxuries

Personally, yes he is followed by a personal body guard who stunts of those who may ask him for

3. Must trust others to educate he/ she about what may be to come.

Having tackled the issue before any policy creation this meeting may have been an instance for saving thee representation of the policy funding. Considering his track record within the White House and the new administration. Her voice may plug him in but it would not guarantee any prominent info whatsoever, unless anything is signed into paper.