Brighton my food!

When I went to Brighton for the first time, I was surprised with the number of independent shops and cafes. In Amsterdam, where I live, this is not seen a lot in the center. Instead, there are coffee shops (and not the ones who sells just coffee and cakes), souvenirs shops and h&m and Starbucks.
So one of the things I love the most in Brighton is definitely the wide choice you have for basically any meal. On my last trip to Brighton, about less than a month ago, I discovered new places which are not listed on ten cafes to go while visiting Brighton for sure. (I even checked myself!). I was a waitress and I have been working with customers for more than 3 years so I kind of know how service in a restaurant or a cafe should be. And if you compare it to the dutch service, well… Brighton is a star. Or, is it that I am used to the bad service here and in Brighton is the normal one? Who knows.

L et me show you the few cafes and restaurants I found the tastiest and service friendly of all.


From Halloumi burgers to shepherd’s pie, Bills is one of my favorites! Even though Bills is a franchise, you do not notice until you find out. And by this I mean, Bills has an entirely different atmosphere in compare to any restaurant I have been to. Parts of menus are hanging out from the ceiling or written on the wall; I have to say Bills has something special. And not to mention, that it was named to have one of the friendliest customer service. And I can’t argue that. Every time we went there, the staff never disappointed us! High expectations at Bills….totally recommended!!!

The Flour Pot Bakery

We found this little gem the last day of our recent trip to Brighton. I have to say it looks like the typical grab and go kind of bakery. However, it surprised me the friendly staff bringing us our order. The cafe is tiny, and I can imagine it could be a bit tricky to find a place to sit at busy times. But the coffee was great, and the small pizza that I had was even better! I loved that it was nicely decorated with rose gold, almost everywhere! (I am a fan!) I wish I would have tried more things, but I guess its a must for the next time!

Isn’t this amazing?


If you are looking for something Mexican, I will recommend Wahaca. I would say its a fast food kind of restaurant but a bit better regarding food quality and of course, service is excellent! (and almost everywhere in Brighton I have to say) You can share with someone some small Mexican tapas or have a big old plate for yourself. And, my favorite: the virgin mojito. (Even thought I tried the traditional Mojito, I still prefer the virgin one. Yeah, didn’t expect it either) I believe the mojito is made with apple juice which gives it a refreshing twist and oh my god, the best virgin mojito I have ever tried. Go have one for me as well!


Impossible to pronounce but you will certainly remember this place. A hidden chocolate cafe, upstairs from the chocolate. This place is not just your everyday cafe. From the original interior to the amazing (and very fulfilling) hot chocolate, (they bring you either a cookie or 3 big marshmallows as a little side dish to your hot chocolate, isn’t that great?) this place is just fantastic. They also have mini chocolate fondue and a wide variety of cakes. You just can’t leave Brighton without trying their famous hot chocolate.

No caption needed!

I hope you enjoyed it and I am very sorry if I made you hungry!

Chapter 4 will be a bit different since I will talk more about why I love Brighton so much and what does it have that Buenos Aires or even Amsterdam doesn’t. Just going a bit more deep into it :) Hope you are prepared!