Flemish architecture, a castle and plenty of ducklings

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Ghent is less than one hour away from Brussels, and if the weather is right — which for Belgium means only a shower or two — you can spend an entire afternoon going around the city and its outskirts by way of water.

The drive is relatively painless and you should set your GPS to arrive at P + R Watersportbaan. This parking space is part of Ghent’s park & ride system. You leave your car there for free, and you even have a shuttle that can take you close to the city center.

Close to the P + R is a water sport center (Ghent Rowing & Sports Club vzw) that offers different services, from renting to food and alike. …

Tips on how to make your telecommuting better when “social distancing” is the norm

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If you’re like me, chances are that for the past few days you’ve traded your work shirt and leather shoes for a cozy pyjama and slippers. The coronavirus or COVID-19 is now pushing companies to let their employees work from home. Welcome to the age of telecommuting.

A laptop, a reliable WiFi connection and good pair of headphones is what most of us need today to carry out our work, pandemic or not. But even if we’re used to telecommute one or two days per week, doing so for long stretches of time can harm our health, more precisely our mental health. And even if you think you might not miss the daily chit-chat at the coffee machine, studies show that loneliness is becoming an issue. …


Lucian Alexe

Currently lost in Brussels, Belgium. A multidisciplinary designer working in everything from print to video and web.

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