My 2016 resolutions

For my first Medium text, I’d like to share some stuff that I intend to do in this year that follows. Despite the internet is already filled with a lot of this kind of content, I really want to show my thoughts to the world.

It’s the last day of 2015 as I write this, and so many things are going through my mind. Unfoturnally, most of them are sad. This was a tough year for me, but learning was huge. I discovered that I suffer from an Anxiety Disorder, and ever since I’m struggling to get out of it and live better.

This list is the result of what I want to do differently in 2016 in order to persue a better life. I hope I can help and inspire other people around the world to the same :)

1. Have a Healthier Life
This is a thing that I have been trying to do for a long time now. It’s not 100% perfect, but I’m working on it! Eating clean and exercising resgularly can benefit out lives in various aspects. I want to learn to cook actually good stuff and avoid eating fast food or in restaurants. Going out for dinner only for special ocasions.

2. Devote more time to the things that I love
I realised that it’s important to give myself a little break sometimes; it feels great and my productivity increases a lot. Activities like travelling, music, running, art and coding are among my favorites.

3. Strenghten my relationships
Lately, I’ve valued so much my career and college that I left friends out of my life without even noticing. In 2016, I want to spend more time with the people I love and care. Nurture relationships is as important as being successful.

4. Journal Everyday
Writing makes me realize important matters about my life: whether I should take a certain path or not, maintain relationships, study harder. Also it helps me to be a batter person by letting me think over the actions I took during the day. And it also increases my inspiration to write poetry and fiction :)

5. Be more gratuful
This is related to goal number 3, which is to try to get more in touch with my friends and relatives. Demonstrate gratitude to people who help me, tell them how important they are in my life and remind that I’m there for them too is a way to streghten my relationships.

6. Recognise my own values and accomplishments
Sometimes I can be very hard on myself. I work and study a lot, and whenever I accomplish something, I’m already with my eyes on the next goal. I never enjoy the fact that I was successful on something. But this year it’s going to be different: at the end of every month, I’ll take a short look on everything I did that was great and share it somewhere in the internet. This way, I’ll be more keen on keep working, but a lot more councious of what I can do. I hope this increases my self-esteem.

7. Overcome anxiety
I don’t want to get too deep about this here because it’s still difficult to talk about it. But it’s definetly a goal: overcome my anxiety desorder. The next months I should write down more things about it, for sure.

8. Live a life apart from social media
We can let out time be taken by the internet without noticing. I sensed that in 2015 I spent too much time looking newsfeeds, timelines, inboxes, etc, when I could be devoting more of my time to things that I want to accomplish. I could be doing music, drawing, writing. So, to sum up: try to spend less time going through useless information on the web in order to make more progress with my personal projects.