Billy Corgan at Ravinia (Agosto/2014)

Só fala uma coisa….COMO PERDI ESTE SHOW? Fala sério!

Setlist perfeita:

01) Chicago
02) Today
03) Disarm
04) Lonely Is the Name
05) Poor Troubled Heart
06) For Your Love
07) The Rose March
08) Perfect
09) Let Me Give the World to You
10) Prairie Song
11) Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
12) To Forgive
13) Muzzle
14) Tonight, Tonight
15) Galapogos
16) Methusela
17) Thirty-Three
18) 1979
19) Now (And Then)
20) The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
21) The Crying Tree of Mercury
22) Ava Adore
23) Pinwheels
24) Stand Inside Your Love
25) Which Way You Goin’ Billy?
26) Burnt Orange-Black

27) The World’s Fair
28) Of a Broken Heart

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