By Lucian K. Truscott IV

Has been bouncing his utterly worthless ass all over Washington from one end of Pennsylvania Avenue to the other, from one TV microphone to another, and seemingly from one synapse to another inside his own dim bulb brain.

The powerful Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee started pinging on Wednesday when he showed up at the White House delivering to Trump…well, delivering something that we’re still trying to figure out, and so is Nunes, apparently. When he came out of his meeting with the Master of the Deal, Nunes walked up to a gaggle of microphones and TV cameras on the White House drive and told the press that he had seen documents confirming that people working on the Trump transition at Trump Tower back in November-December had been picked up in FISA authorized intelligence intercepts of foreign nationals…doing what, exactly? Well, apparently, people working for Trump, and even Trump himself, may have been talking to these “foreigners”, and Nunes was all worked up that their names had not been properly “masked,” which is to say, they hadn’t been blacked out on these documents he had so you couldn’t see the names of Trump or his staffers. “This was information that was brought to me that I thought the president needed to see,’’ he said. Dim Bulb Nunes was standing there talking about all of these documents he had seen and he wasn’t holding a briefcase, and there was not a visible document-bulge in his suit jacket, and he wasn’t accompanied by any aide who was visible. So whatever was so important that “the president needed to see,” Dim Bulb apparently didn’t have on him. This will become important in just a minute, so stick with me.

Later Wednesday, Nunes ponged down to the Capitol and noticing a gaggle of microphones, immediately walked over. He’s got this deer-in-the-headlights look on his face and every time he gets a question he looks more deer-like. This time Nunes tried to “clarify” what he had seen in these documents that was so important he had to tell Trump about. Reporters naturally wanted to know if Trump himself appeared anywhere in these documents. He was asked four different times if he had seen evidence that Trump himself had been picked up on the intercepts, and he gave four entirely different answers, finally settling on “yes” he had seen Trump’s name. This little nugget of course produced the now-famous reaction by Trump that he felt “somewhat” vindicated by the news that back in November and December the Obama administration had been listening in on him at Trump Tower.

But all of this talk about “intercept” documents and actually seeing Trump’s name was before Nunes pinged over to a new gaggle of mics on Friday and all of a sudden claimed he didn’t have the documents he had seen. He now told reporters he was waiting to get copies of the stuff he said he had already seen “from the NSA and other agencies” later that day, or maybe on Saturday or maybe Sunday or maybe next week sometime. Because that’s the way things work when you’re the very powerful chairman of an important congressional committee like the House Intelligence Committee, see? You never know when these people you’re supposed to exercise “oversight” over will do what you tell them to do. Because the various intelligence agencies that are supposed to ask “how high” when Nunes tells them to jump are just not into jumping right now. Or something.