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Designing an app

Brainstorming users and projects
Discussing possible app features

After learning about interaction design, we were told to create a smartphone app for citizen science around plant health. We brainstormed different kinds of projects and users before considering what functionality our apps would need. I designed an app that could help scientists visualize the growth and spread of plants over time. My app allows users to share a geotagged and timestamped picture of plants, as well as a 10-second audio recording and some textual and numeric information. The scientists could then track the movement of plants in the long run. I made a prototype of the app using POP (another app) and made a video explaining it.

My app prototype

The experience

Overall, designing the app was a good experience. The hardest part was creating and uploading the video. It was also nice to have my parents try out the app and see that they could navigate it well. One question I encountered when designing the navigation of the app was whether I should make it more redundant or not. For example, should I only allow the user to swipe to exit, or should I let them press “cancel,” or both? I went for one or the other rather than both in order to make the app simpler, but a less experienced user may want both options.

Make it POP!

I liked that we had to design an app because I have wanted to make an app for a while. I especially liked bringing my app to life with POP, as it made my app more than just a series of sketches. POP gave me an idea of what kind of gestures my app needed to support for easy navigation.

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